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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things are getting better for now

I wake up at 9AM while I wanted to wake up at 7AM. Soon after I begin my day, I went to see the person I wanted to see regarding my schedule. I don’t know which schedule I will got, but something will be done about my request. So far, seem to me that me schedule problem will be resolve. It’s always difficult to deal with such things. But I was told it was going to be alright and I didn’t have to argue… Which, of course, I was ready to do. So I consider lucky because I will be able to work at both job and I am very happy about it.

But I am glade I did something about it today. My investment portfolio lost a lot of value, but I don’t worry to much about it. The stock market is so volatile. Myself, most of time, when I invest, I invest in order to hold. I am not a major seller. But seem like some other fellow investor are selling like crazy because all of my investments, in different sectors, had lost in value today. But that’s how the stock market is. The key is to invest in dividend paying stock. That’s what Derek Foster said in an interview. Even if he sold his investment portfolio, Derek Foster is so right about everything.

If I take a look at my portfolio, all the money I lost came from investments I pick, some penny stocks and other. I lost money from companies who were not paying dividend at the time I purchase them. This is the case with Timminco (TIM), Sprot Inc. (SII), Hanwei Energy Services (HE), Blue Note Mining (BNT) and Dumont Nickel (DNI). Those companies were not dividend payers at the time I had invested in them and I lost money from them. I still want to invest in more in stocks.

I am currently doing overtime again at my job. I am desperately looking for a 1 000$ paycheck. I will be able to do it, but only if I do some hours again tomorrow and again Saturday lol. I really need the money and money is so difficult to earn, but so easy to loose… I am very temps by a 100 units of PGF.UN right now, since I have 6 units of them in my investment portfolio right now… So many things I want to do and so little money available! I know this can sound strange, knowing I sell my 650 units not too long. But remember I sell at profit? I want a little slow down for PGF.UN. PGF.UN target price is 12$. If I can purchase 100 units at 10$, I could possible sell them later on at 12$ and sell again if I want, to make a profit. Wouldn’t be marvelous? I have the possibility to open a broker account and my trading will be under 10$... So I really need to open the account as soon as possible and get ready. But just too many things to do right now.

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