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Friday, October 8, 2010

Get all the saving you want with TD Canada Trust

Wow! The TSX gains some valuable points again today. And this has quite some good effect on my portfolio. My non registered stocks and units investment portfolio is now at 61 763.69$, an increase of 302.34$ compare to October 5th! Just so incredible! I am quite very excited over EnCana Corporation (ECA) as well as for everything else I hold in my portfolio.

I am just confuse about the “what next” part. Like should I leave my TD credit line paid off or should I use the money to invest more? Part of me is screaming invest more! Invest more! And the other one: leave it paid! One of the reasons why I want to invest more is to increase my dividend income. I am very close to the equivalent of 400$ in monthly dividend income right now and I have the possibility, with that 5 000$ that is currently available on my credit line to achieve that goal. But on the other hand, I already hold around 40 000$ in debt. If I use 5 000$ of my credit line to invest now, this will increase my level of debt to 45 000$... Outch…….

In 2009-2010, I went through many credit checks, got new credit lines, got credit card limit increased and decreased, got fired from BMO Bank of Montreal, Montreal call centre, etc… My credit score have gone through a lot and so do I, just because of stupid Quebeckers.

Conclusion: I probably will leave my TD credit line paid. This can only help my credit score getting better and also, in case of need, I will have 5 000$ available. So how about that? I am already feeling better!


Yes, Quebeckers are stupid and am I just very grateful to the Macleans magazine to have exposes so openly the situation that is in Quebec. Corruption is not only inside Quebec government, it’s in plenty other places, like at BMO Bank of Montreal, just to name another place. Now, Canadians are aware that Quebec and Quebeckers are not people or institutions you can trust. The Macleans had exposed the Quebec corruption that had been exposed by massive media, but myself, I want to expose the corruption I have live myself, as an individual, as a New Brunswickers living temporarily in Quebec. Canadians need to be aware and I wouldn’t like anyone else to go through what I had gone through because of those f of Quebeckers. Now it’s my turn. This is my weekend project and it’s going to be fun.

I have to say, when I saw the Macleans cover “Quebec: the most corrupt province”, I was so proud. Proud that such an important Canadian media as Macleans speak up openly to protect Canadians of massive shit. There you go!

In my past posts, I talk about investing in Algonquin Power and Utilities Corp (AQN). My Algonquin Power and Utilities Corp (AQN). Pick when up today, but still, I prefer to keep my investment project in Algonquin Power and Utilities Corp (AQN) in hold until I have fresh new cash available. There will always be some great opportunity out there and if you are, like me, running out of cash to make an investment, don’t you ever worry, because there will always be something waiting for you at the other end. Alright? Alright…..

My investment portfolio is up, my level of debt is slowly decreasing, I will have soon my 8 000$ TD Visa credit card balance transfer at 4.9% extended until April 2010… And what else? I just received a federal government check for my taxes of close to 100$ and I earn rewards points like crazy at work so I am going to get an iPod (my very first one!). I should be able to order prepaid credit cards and go purchase my mini laptop very soon! I went to the Apple store downtown Montreal to try the iPod and I find just so fun, with the camera, the video callers, Internet wireless… Very easy to use, even if I am Apple illiterate.


TD Canada Trust is just so a wonderful bank. Wonder what my post title refers too? Well, TD had that brand new site called TD get saving and it’s plenty of useful information. Check it out.


Unknown said...

Hi Sunny. You wonder out loud whether to increase your debt... Here's my fatherly advice: resist the temptation to borrow more money. Pay off your loans as soon as possible. Don't PAY interest! EARN interest! Paying off your loans may have a short-term hit on your investment goals, but it will pay off BIG over the medium and long term. And don't listen to those that would urge you to take out loans to invest -- too much risk! That risky strategy is for the big shots, not little guys like me and you.

All the best,

Sunny said...

Hi Paul,

I understand your concern. But my way not fit everyone. Borrowing to invest is a personal choice. If yourself you don't feel confortable borrowing money to invest well, just don't do it. I had been following the market for 5 years now and borrowing money to invest is like paying myself a treat. My investments are doing well and I can assume my debt level.


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