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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

According to Eric Sprott, silver is the investment of the decade

Recently, Eric Sprott had been interviewed by Max Keiser. In the interview, Sprott explained his sell of Sprott Physical Silver Trust ET (PSLV). His explanation confirmed what I taught. I hold both PSLV and PHS.U in my portfolio. I invested in PSLV just before the silver crash, a couple of days ago. I still hold PSLV and PHS.U in my portfolio in date of today and I don’t plan to sell. This interview is very informative and it provides good info for small investors like myself who want to take advantage of silver investment.


DVDguy said...

Not my thing because of the lack of divid but a friend has done well with this silver play.

pattirose said...

That was very interesting, thank you for posting it.

Anonymous said...

Well if you believe in Silver, why do you hold HZD which is a bet on silver going down?

Sunny said...

Hi DVDguy,

Thanks for sharing.

Hi Pattirose,

These days, something that never happen before happen: PHS.U and PSVL both down... So I follow up what Sprott has to say about that.

Hi Anonymous,

I believe in silver yes, but for long term holding, I am into PHS.U and the other one. HZD is made for day trading.


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