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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Toronto Venture latest superstar DNI Metals (DNI) realized a 30.77% gain on May 31, 2011

I said it before; I had been patiently holding DNI Metals (DNI) since June 2009. This month of June 2011 just kicking in now, I am now celebrating my 2 years investment with DNI Metals (DNI). At first, I wanted to make quick money out of DNI Metals (DNI). Unfortunately, DNI never gained in value. Well, not exactly as quickly as I first taught. But my patience paid off today.

On May 21, 2011, DNI Metals (DNI) realized a fantastic 30.77% gain on the Toronto Venture. If I would had sell my stocks today, I would had made a profit of a bit more than 300$, after commission. That’s good, but I did not sell my stocks of DNI Metals (DNI) today and I won’t be selling until a very extraordinary profit come. Remember, I hold DNI in my TFSA. This means that when I will be selling DNI, the profit made will be free of taxes...

DNI Metals (DNI) made great gain today without any specific reason. Today, DNI did not come with some news regarding their drilling activities in Alberta. So what happen? Why DNI is suddenly gaining value like this?

Well, it’s because DNI Metals (DNI) had been named in a popular newsletter and some of our US friends had been purchasing, purchasing and purchasing DNI. YEAH!

Ok, so this is the kind of consideration DNI is getting in the US from an investor newsletter. Nice! But can you simply imagine what will happen when DNI will actually come with good news regarding their diamond mine in Ontario or their nickel drilling in Alberta? It’s going to be huge! DNI is simply going to explode in profit! It’s not time to sell DNI now.

It would be nice to cash in a profit of 300$ now, but who knows what DNI is up to? For that good reason, I preferred to hold and see where the adventure with DNI will be like in the upcoming weeks. Stay tune. You can learn more about DNI right here.


Arunan said...

I would say.. sell half of your DNI holding and get some profit. So, you can be happy if DNI move either direction. It is part of my investment style.

Sunny said...

Hi Arunan,

That's actually a very good strategy. But DNI gain 5.88% just as for now again today, to establish itself at 36 cents... I find this interesting, I want to hold to see if it goes higher. In this case, I initially invested less than 800$ in DNI, we'll see where it goes. but if it goes higher, I may sell a part of it, eventually.


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