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Thursday, December 15, 2011

For 2012: a net worth of 100k and a portfolio value of 200k

With the help of my latest investment in Agrium Inc. (AGU), my non-registered portfolio closed the day exceeding the 110k. It takes a LOT of money and a LOT of investments to be able to make it to the mark of 110k. It’s not getting any better and I have a feeling that I may have to close the year on a negative note. However, the recent blue chips I add on lately, like AGU, CNR, TRP and ENB, just to name those few, increased my chances to be able to register great gain. But that will have to be considered for the long term only.

2011 had been a chaotic year. I will remember for a very very long time the year of 2011. The first year of a new decade. Very complicated, complex year overall. I had invested a lot of money. For a little while, my portfolio was doing very well. But during the year, there’s been a couple of crash, and my portfolio got badly hurt. I think I can possibly get a net worth of 100k by the end of 2012 and, why not, a 200k portfolio value.

One of my best investment moves of 2011 would have been certainly in Canadian National Railway Co (CNR). I initially invested in CNR when the stocks were only at somewhere to 65$. Westshore Terminals Invest Corp (WTE.UN) and WesternOne Equity Income Fund (WEQ.UN) were also 2 very good investments.

Financially speaking, the most significant event was the proposal made by the Maple Group to acquire the TMX Group (X). The whole thing is pretty much disgusting and the closure of the deal is being pushed every 6 months. Instead of giving a reasonable delay, like one year for example, the TMX prefer to treat foolishly its investors. Well, I am going to tell you, at this point, if the deal go through, I will be cashing in a 50$ per stock and if not, I will just keep TMX in my portfolio. TMX dividend is not exactly awesome, but is quite reasonable and X had earned great value this year. The TMX Group is not a very well manage company, but you need to take your chances on it like I did. But I wouldn’t recommend you to invest in TMX Group (X) at this time because its situation is far from being reasonable and stable. You can get better for your money.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny-I can think of better places to put one's $$$ than in the TMX Group. Why not put your $$ to work in companies that grow like Statoil(ARD)(yields 5%), Canadian General Investments(yields 5%), or Imperial Tobacco(yields 5.4%). All these are international plays-and all of increased their dividends in the past year. In your TSFA you won't have to declare their ividends as foreign income. You'll be laughing to the bank!


Anonymous said...

It's best to hold US companies in your RSP since there's no withholding tax there on dividends. There is one in the tfsa.

Ruth said...

Anonymous..i didnt know that if the us stock was in the rssp that there would be no withholding tax on dividends...why is that?

Anonymous said...

Because of an agreement between Canada and the US


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