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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Want to get EXTREME about dividend investment?

I have this reader that I name in here as being the mountain lion hero (killer). You got to read about this one if you ever had. It happens that the mountain lion hero is quite of an interesting sophisticated investor.

One day, following the sending of what I will call “junk mail”, I asked him if he had anything related to stock to send me as info instead of his junk mail lol. It turns out to be a completely hilarious email from my part, of course. And I think he found it quite funny because the reply I got from him was just fantastic.

I did even worse than this once. A man sends me an email one day and without knowing more about him, I simply reply the following:



This is exactly how I make male readers go crazy about me.

It’s not anytime soon I am going to show part of the beautiful me on the Web, so I have to find away, other than money, to get the attraction and interest going.

Ok, so here we go. Are you ready?

I am just going to copy and paste the fabulous content. I don’t feel like writing much, I didn’t have breakfast yet.

The hot stuff is in here:

“OK my girl.....check this out....

Call these up and look at the yield: (HEE) (HEJ) (HEX). These are "Covered Call" ETF's. The yield varies from month to month.........Highest yield yet was for (HEJ) in November 36% (yearly)

Don't jump in until you study how they work for a few months

Here is my tracking on (HEE)

Horizons Enhan. Inc En (HEE) Monthly Dividend paid shown below
Nov $1.56/yr (21.09%) or $0.13011 for just that month
Oct $1.66/yr (21.58%) or $0.13886 for just that month
Sept $1.59/yr (21.06%)
Aug $1.42/yr (18.81%)
Jul $1.50/yr (19.87%)
Jun $1.46/yr (19.34%)

Here is my tracking on (HEJ)

Horizons Enha. Inc. Intl. (HEJ) Monthly Dividend paid shown below
Nov $3.50/yr (35.55%) or ($0.29135) for just that
Oct $2.77/yr (26.88%) or ($0.23112) for just that
Sep $0.92/yr (16.21%) or ($0.07639) for just that

Note: the yearly dividend amount is theoretical and is 12 x the actual dividend paid for that month so:

(HEJ) paid $0.29135 for the month of November so for theoretical yearly numbers multiply this by 12 and this gives us numbers that can be compared to other stocks and ETF's - all of which are shown for a year.

The calculations have to be performed each month because of different cash payouts each month.

Here is the website to explain how the energy one works: “Horizons Enhan. Income En. ETF (HEE)”:

Go here to see ALL Horizon dividend payouts to compare (it's an address not a link - you will have to copy it and paste it to the address bar in your browser)

The rest of his email was regarding his junk content he had sent previously. But just if you want to know:

“"Meat Glue" itself isn't unhealthy.......But when it's used to make a "pretend" steak you must cook it to at least well done or the bacteria trapped inside could survive and you could get sick from that.”

Meat glue is scary.

What do you think about the stuff of the mountain lion hero? Pretty impressive isn’t?

His ETFs are in US dollars.


Anonymous said...

Men write you? Whatever for?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny-Don't take everything anyone says at face value. If you undestand the risks in these inverse ETF and you are comfortable with those risks..AND you have an exit strategy then go ahead be my guest and invest in these inverse ETFs.


Sunny said...

Hi Mark,

As the hero said himself, I should be investing in those only after understanding those. He wrote that email a little while ago. I don't understand those investments. I don't plan to invest in those myself. I just wanted to share because the dividend payments are huge, but not exactly meant for me, but very interesting to know about.

I plan to continue to invest in blue chips and my next ones will probably be US ones. Basically, I plan to keep investing without focusing too much on dividend.

Its why I title EXTREME this post.

Because those ETFs are extreme.

Sunny said...


Men write to share investments ideas. It's about all what it is at this time.

Tom said...

Did you ever check out Aberdeen Asia-pacific income fund (fap) that I recommended to you awhile back?

Anonymous said...

When is an ETF not an ETF any more?
ETF's were originally designed to track market indexes with little variance & with very little management fees.
ETF's have become modelled more on managed mutuals as we go along & with more & more diversified products appealing to more & more niche sector investors.
ETF's r currently the investment of choice for market diversification. ETF's operate with TRILLIONS of dollars under management. They r movers & shakers of the market & politics.
This brings us to another question: Who r these companies that own & run ETF's? Hmmm...the answer just might surprise u. Cheers!

Sunny said...

Hi Tom,

I check on the company a little way back. I may check again. However, at this time, I am trying to focus my interest exclusively on blue chips.


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