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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Liberal MP Justin Trudeau: another Quebecker full of sh*t

For those are you who are strictly interested in this blog because of my wonderful super-powerful investment abilities, the following post is not for you. I must admit, the title of the present post has exactly the kind of PUNCH I am looking forward to have on this blog. Here are the facts: I am the anonymous blogger looking forward to provoke readers with my bad writing and a “graphic language”. I even prefer “coarse language”.

Your better stick to your words or I won't vote for the Liberal Party ever again of my life!

On the other hand, Justin Trudeau is a political figure who’s supposed to know how to behave publicly. However, seem like Justin Trudeau is opting for a provocative behaviour that is not ok for an MP to have. If you haven’t heard about what happen, you can read about it here.

Justin Trudeau doesn’t work hard for his money. No matter that he work well or not, he’s getting paid as long as he’ll be an MP. Look at his fresh face, wrinkles-free. I mean, that’s not the face of a hard working man who knows how to behave in the House of Common. Justin Trudeau has a baby face. The face of an immature man.

Do you really want an immature man to become the leader of the Liberal party? Come on!

You need to face adversity in loyal manners if you want to become a leader. Justin Trudeau should take example on Barack Obama. Gentle and kind, totally in control, but fight likes a bulldozer. Actions can change the world. Not bad words.

Justin Trudeau is desperately in need of attention. Desperately in need of media-people attention. Want to become a leader? BACK OFF. I don’t want a Quebecker full of what you can imagine to become leader of a federal political party.

Leave the coarse language to bloggers, Justin Trudeau. Learn by your mediocrity.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny-Politics isn't really my thing..but comparing Mr. Obama to Justin Trubeau is not a good comparison..even though they have similar characteristics-mainly they have never 'worked' a day in their lives-they are like zombies living off of us-the taxpayer. Neither of them are useful. I prefer to stick to my investments, watching them closely, like my children, rather than being distracted by the political class yacking away. And who says your 'writing is bad'-I think it brings out your character.


Sunny said...

Hi Mark,

I am not comparing Justin Trudeau to Obama. What I mean is that Justin Trudeau should take Obama in example. Have you ever heard Barack Obama used corse language? He's a true gentleman, a lion heart and a fighter. Justin Trudeau has a lot to learn before we can compare him to Obama.

You should keep your eyes on politic. It's because there's too many people like you - who's politic not their things - that Brian Mulroney (my favorite moron of all time) still do public appearances, still appear in medias following the Airbus scandal.

My writing is kind of punchy just like if this blog would be written by a drag queen.

I like to write things to enforce reactions and HARD comments.

So thank you very much for your contribution.

Sunny said...

It's the weekend after alllllllll.


Ruth said...

Sunny...look how good looking Justin is and he speaks perfect English and French..and i have to tell you that i think he is what the liberal party needs.....young , fresh and no wrinkles , ps...thought that video was the one where he told , i think Peter Kent that he was a piece of ---- . however, i enjoy all your blogs and opinions.

jaap broeker said...

you are absurd, stupid and your words don't mean anything. stay out of politics.

Mary McAlpine Dempster said...

This is an article that is just as relevant today as it was over a year ago when it was written. Justin Trudeau appears to be poised to become LPC leader. In all likelihood, he will bring the Liberal Party close to extinction. I'm very upset about the stupid blindsightedness of those who support him. I disagree with Mark's comment, however. It is very important to read what politicians write and watch them speak on YouTube. We must use our voices and contribute because democracy is at stake. Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau are opposites, Mark. Barack Obama has been an extremely hard worker and a serious person. He did not spend his youth doing one extreme sport after the next. He is the son of a struggling single parent mother (white woman from Kansas) who got Barack up very early to study every day before school and that is how his work ethic was established. His mother had no health insurance and he watched her die of cancer without the care she needed. Barack had to take out student loans to study at Harvard Law School. He was the first black student to be editor of the Harvard Review. Barack was not the son of a former President. In fact, his Kenyan father was not a role model in any way. Barack has distinguished himself through being a wise and thoughtful man and has never been frivolous. For years, he and his wife had to be very disciplined to pay off their student loans. Neither one of them would be where they are without putting in extraordinary effort and they are truly humble about the opportunities they have been given despite the fact that they are magnificent examples of how fine human being can be. Justin Trudeau does not belong in Parliament. I cannot picture him representing us on the world stage. Imagine Justin meeting with some world leader who happens to be an asshole and calling him or her a piece shit instead of controlling himself and aiming for the trade deal? I predict that Justin will loose his seat in the next election, and the LPC will be so embarassed about his behaviours and poor performance as party leader that they will make sure he is absent at subsequent party conventions just like George W Bush and Sarah Palin were no where to be seen at the GOP's 2012 leadership convention. The Tories have probably dug up Justin's academic records, and have contacted teachers etc. I read a blog written by Justin's supervisor when he taught snowboarding on Whistler. The guy said Justin's snowboarding style was manic and all-over-the-place. Hold onto your hats, fellow Canadians, I have a feeling that we will eventually get back on course.


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