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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Today was the first day of the summer in Montreal

I went for shopping pass noon today and it was great to feel the heat of the sun. I was wearing jeans, a sweatshirt and running shoes... and I was very hot. So I went back on, pick on a summer dress and I  went back to my little escapade. Wearing a summer dress on the end of April felt real nice.

And wearing a summer dress just gave me another do: shop for more summer dresses! So I got on 3 summer dresses and a nice skirt, and a shirt. I also bought L'Oréal self-tanning lotion Sublime Bronze and once back home, I try it on. Its working quite nicely. I am very pale, so self-tanning lotion is just very perfect for me. I can have a tan while wearing a 50 protector. See what I mean?

Just to let you know - (but do you really care about that??? lol) - I finally got my hair coloration done this weekend too. So let's say that this weekend, I changed of color, my hair, and my entire body. Does it look good? I hope. Anyway, males are everywhere in Montreal and some male species just look incredible. I blow off more than $200 this weekend alone and it was fun. I am not expecting to blow more for this summer on shopping, if not a few other things that I am thinking of at this time. Girls always need more stuff. I guess you would like to see a picture of my glowing legs (oh lala) and my summer dresses, but for now, my iPod is dead.

So we are just going to chat about my non-registered portfolio closed last Friday session at $118 931. My margin usage exceed the 51k, so once I received my paycheck this week, I plan to pay off a good 1k if not more on my margin. My goal would be a margin of not more than 45k in usage. To do so, I need to inject 5k more. Its quite some cash.

I had gave up the idea of getting a second job because I am enjoying my free time too much. Sunday is the time of the week where I get ready for another week of work. I do my grocery shopping, my lunch for the week, I clean my place and do some laundry. That always take off a few hours of my Sunday. The very best day is Saturday. That make only one single day for me. Nothing more.

I may however get on more of my freelance. Just some ideas, nothing more.

There's too many changes at work and I began to hate it there. When you say that les apparences sont souvent trompeuses, well it is clearly that at where I work. It may be located right downtown, in a nice building, well despite being well located, there's nothing more because the company hasn't provide any raise this year to their employees, absolutely nothing to beta off inflation. They hired and gave away money like crazy but when it come to cover the basic, they are animals.

I am still at the same place where I had been hired last summer. I went from May to September without any vacations, I was promised a $500 for it, but when they gave me a permanent position, they didn't gave me the 500, saying it was a leaving bonus. I hate them very much for doing that to me. A few employees had left and one other is about to leave and its giving them a hard time. And I am very grateful that they are going to that hard time. They hired, and they don't want to hire. They want some seniors, but seniors cost $$$ to hire... etc etc.

I hate giving away so much of my time to an employer that isn't respectful of its employees. And I don't like living in Quebec province that much. I am a Canadian and I want to live in a place where sexy Canadians like myself shine. I hate those Quebeckers too much. But for a reason or another, they are not getting enough of me. Its just because of nice booty. There will always men who will fall in love with me (even Quebecker men).


Anonymous said...

Please stop telling you hate quebecker ... The is for shure some assholle so there is in new brunswick ... But in both place there is good people

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