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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

From Dividend Girl to Casino junkie: the life and lies of a New Brunswicker

This month had been quite great for my dividend income, but not for my portfolio value. I don't like to see my non-registered value falling below the mark of 120k. My non-registered portfolio closed today session at a close 118k. Getting closer to the original 120k, but not back yet there. I don't like to deal with a down market.

I received lately dividend from SII, AGU. VSN, RSI. They are not from my dividend income page for 2013 yet. But what I did today was my taxes. I had all my papers ready yesterday evening. The only thing missing is my tax declaration for my expenses as a self-employed. I hope I won't have too much extra to pay down on taxes.

I haven't work that much around my self-employed work lately. Don't ask me too much on what I had been doing lately because there's been nothing much. I go to work on weekdays. My life as a worker is not that much exciting. I find much more excitement on investing in dividend stock. I had been thinking of getting a second job but I haven't move on the idea.

I don't have anything to say. I am too tired.

This is the kind of shitty post you get when I am not in the mood for blogging. Just sleeping..zzz

(But the post title is just very nice).



Anonymous said...

Cheer up, Dividend Girl! My portfolio also took a hit from the last couple of weeks. Stay the course and collect your distributions/dividends. I'm always happy to count them at the end of the month. It's a fun hobby when you're making money investing in stocks... but don't be lured by high yields from a smaller company. Read up on them and know their profitability first before putting money down on them. Go with bigger more reliable ones.

Dividend-Web said...

Hi Sunny,

The market did really well today, and i am hoping you were able to meet or exceed your 120k mark.

I have been reading your blog for awhile and its always interesting to see how well your portfolio is performing. You are doing very well for your age, and i admire you on such an accomplishment for your frugality and ambition on creating a dividend portfolio to sustain your lifestyle. Most people your age do not have the discipline to save and invest. If you continue on your path i am sure you will have a very successful future. You seem to be investing now in higher quality companies/stocks which i believe is the correct way to move forward. Anything in your past which you have lost money on, is in the past. Do not let it sway you off your goal of financial freedom.

I wish you all the best in your future investments.


Dividend Webber

Sunny said...

This is not the first correction I am going through so hold on buddy, I have no need to be cheer up.

Anonymous said...

it's not even a correction. a correction is 10+%, a bear market is 20+%, a crash is like -30-50% lol

Anonymous said...

get a second, get a third job even... you are working to put money in the market and you may lose a lot of money by doing reckless investments... you are not living life at all... your obsession is to invest in anything that seems to be on fire, 52-week high stock! you don't seem to have a clear goal with your investments. you have a negative return, you may have put this in a very safe and worry free savings account. by now the savings account beat hands down your personal return... there's thing that are important than money in life, you have to strike a balance...

Anonymous said...

My portfolio took a hit, but as I'm invested in GOOD VALUE stocks they have bounced back very nicely. You have too many 'on the edge' stocks.

If memory serves me right - didn't you say that you picked up some work as a cleaner or something like that?

Invest in good, long term strong stocks (not on margin) - you would do much better.

Anonymous said...

If you don't have margin or other debts, then you don't need to worry about ups and downs. Cheers up!! and let the money work for us. 'WE ARE INVESTORS'

Anonymous said...

is mmp.un a good buy?

Anonymous said...

hr.un looks like an interesting investment, what do you think?

Ruth said...

your meth stock is doing great Sunny, wish i had followed u in that one. tis hard not to get discouraged in this market..tsx , one day up , next day , take it away..i am investing in the US markets a little and intend for more and how about some that say , sell in May and go away.

Anonymous said...

hr.un is a great long term stock. It is presently undervalued given their very recent Primaris deal. Nice dividend.


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