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Saturday, October 22, 2016

For the first time of my life, saying hello to a $180 000 net worth. It was about time

For the past days, the TSX push it very hard trying to please investors. In result, the baby is just about to pump it up to the 15 000 points! And in result, my portfolio is just showing off. Its shining all over the place, you cannot miss it. I was looking forward for the moment that my net worth would reach out the $180 000. Now, its thing done. I was hoping to get there by the end of the year - but it certainly happen sooner than expected! I couldn't be happier, but I would like to hold more US stocks in my portfolio. I would like to get around safe US bet like Bank of America and Johnson & Johnson Inc. At the present time, I don't have my eyes on any new Canadian stock to invest in. I think I am holding on to the best that Canada can offer me at this time. Its a good thing because I need a little break from investing and the usual. And strangely, I am mostly satisfy with the portfolio that I have right now. That is something that happen only once in a while for me. The sense of satisfaction over a portfolio, you don't get to feel that too often. It only happen in case of rare exceptional events. And my event of the time is, you must had understood, that I reached the 180k net work. Come my way sexy money cash!! :-)
Something else that I wanted really badly other than a 180k net worth was the equivalent of a dividend income of $600 per month. Tadam, that is now done too! My annual projected dividend income is currently of $7 284.50 or $607.04 per month. Its been hard to reach that point without getting tramp in stock that pay a too high dividend income for my taste of the moment. Building a passive dividend income is the work of a lifetime.

It seem like I reached a breaking point in my very dirty money dreams. You cannot be a Saint and invest in stock. It take someone very angry AND hungry for much more than what life decided to throw at you. Existence is a big injustice, but it doesn't matter for the stock market place because what its all about if money, profit, dividend. The market being what it is, I may not stay at a net worth of 180k for a very long time, it could get lower a bit. But now that I reached 180k, its more of a natural move that it will get back to that value in the future in case the stock market start acting all agitated again like a pot head.

I didn't hold very long to my Eric Sprott new stock darling Royal Nickel Corp (RNX). I sold my RNX stocks, lost $150 in the process and reinvest in the majestically Stornoway Diamond Corp (SWY). And I felt release. Eric Sprott shit is not working for me. Over the years, I develop the kind of love and hate feelings over him. Good thing that he's retired now. But see how the markets are addicted, the poor man just cannot stop trading his millions. I have the same disease, but on a much lower level. I saw it at the news on Radio-Canada, I saw the diamonds from my own eyes, SWY began to exploit its diamond mine located in the north of Quebec. The mine is good for a 15 years. Personally, I am looking to hold SWY long enough to make hundred of dollars on the stock. And once again, the sexy money cash will come to me in a fingers clap. I wouldn't recommend to buy and hold forever Stornoway Diamond Corp (SWY). Anyway, I will let you know know when I sell my SWY stocks. Just be ready for a good buy-now-and-sell-later-in-a-couple-weeks-or-couple-months.

Stornoway Diamond Corp (SWY) is going to make me happy.

My only sensible point of the moment is my margin. Its now at $82 218.54. But other than my credit card that is going to be paid next month, I don't have any debt at least, Its all concentrated in that fatty margin. When I will be selling SWY later on, the money will go to pay down my margin, that's for sure. I went up on a 80k+ margin usage before, but I was careful. My non-registered portfolio is strong enough to support it. I would like to reduced it to 65k. Its the project for 2017. And if lucky, I may also be able to finally hit on the $200 000 net worth in 2017. Those would be the projects for the months ahead.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your amazing achievement!!! My only question to you is how can you possibly track so many stocks, many with tiny values? I hold about 15 stocks and 4 mutual funds. Any more would cause me severe confusion.

Great to see you are doing so well.

Sunny said...

Thank you :-)

Its true that I hold many stocks, but I don't see it as being too much.

I am trying to maximize my position and I am very trying to spot the best stocks. The TSX is full of those! My portfolio is not perfect, but I can tell you that many of the stocks that I hold are very good quality stocks. And one reason why I may be holding so many of them its certainly because I am always on the search on my next everything. I don't want to miss on anything that the TSX has to offer to Canadians.

I check on my portfolio on a daily basis and do my best to keep track of everything, I check on the latest news for them, but not everyday. Personally, I would feel trap just to be holding 15 stocks and 4 mutual funds.


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