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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The UK is full of good stuff. Like Jamie Cullum, Stockopedia, and the Queen

Good news today. Quebec province is cutting on the health services contribution tax. From what I remember, that tax was costing me something like $200 on an annual basis. Now, that tax will be cut off a bit beginning January 2017. Its a good thing because I do not benefit of any health services while living in Quebec province. Its like burning money. In 2017 at least, it will be reduce to $175. Quebec province made the announcement like it was something extraordinary. It a big shame. No one should have to pay that so call health tax. Finances are so bad in this province that they come up with a health tax. Its a pain to be living in Quebec.

Its official, the good months of summer are now way behind us. Its so cold that starting tomorrow I will be wearing a little hat and my winter coat. I was freezing this morning. I just upload a video on YouTube of Jamie Cullum performing at the Montreal Jazz Festival back in July 2016:

One little thing is good about Montreal, its the Jazz Festival, and nothing else. This a great video. Jamie Cullum is arriving on stage like a rock star. I have many other like this ones that I am looking to post, in souvenir of the warmer days. It make me laugh to listen to all of those little videos. I didn't listen to them once since shooting them. By the way, both Jamie Cullum AND Stockopedia are from the UK.

If you are looking to listen to something different and new, listen to Leonard Cohen latest hit, You Want It Darker. Strangely, it remind me of Johnny Cash. If you are like Johnny Cash, You Want it Darker is going to be your next everything song:

And very strangely, Leonard Cohen is... a Quebecker...



Anonymous said...

Hey, watch out the Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH) in your portfolio... dropped more than 40% :( .

Sunny said...

Thanks for pointing that out!

Luckily, I had invested in DH a very long time ago, like years ago. I had bough my DH back in the days at $14.67, and was registered to a DRIP. But now unfortunately, DH will no longer offer DRIP. Too bad.


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