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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

On why I like Donald Trump and why you should too

I had a quiet and easy time at work during the summer. I almost always finished my days at 5 pm, I could take an hour lunch and all of my breaks. Life was easy, without any stress. But since autumn kick off, its like in the old days, I am missing time again to do everything. Anyhow, if I have to work extra hours, its too bad, but I declared the hours and they really need to be paid off. If not, I will be more than happy to kiss goodbye and hit on anything else. In the meantime, money is great and allow me to do everything I want, from clothes to makeup, to trip to New Brunswick to investments. 

I have a very hard time trying to follow up with Donald Trump. I listen to the second debate Trump-Clinton from New Brunswick and I have to say, despite having a real hunger for young women **yack**, I must admit, I am more in favor of Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton. Just like her husband, Hillary is very superficial. I just cannot feel her properly as a person. I don't know what she's made of. She appears to me to be like an actress. What did she actually did during her 30 years in public service? If you want my opinion, nothing extraordinary. Hillary Clinton want to please. She does what she needs to do, but without making any waves. On the other hand, I know what Donald Trump is made of. He's full of shit and know it for sure, say what he think without flafla and his willing to get the best for the only interest of the States, and not the world. That's what I understood from the second debate. I have strong impressions and I highly believe that Donald Trump will be the nest US President.

Its about time that someone come over to defend the interest of Americans - and only them. The US got into deep debt by trying to save the world. Fact is, no one can save the world. Defend your own interests US citizens, defend your businesses and jobs as hard as you can. Donald Trump is willing to do that. But not much Hillary Clinton. The US need an electroshock treatment. And you bet that Trump is the best choice to do that!

Donald Trump is vulgar, a bad ass, but the Clinton team is much worst. And I don't think that Donald Trump is a sexual predator. Maybe a pervert, but not a sexual predator. The Clinton did a lot more bad things than Trump when it come to women rights. Its not because Hillary Clinton is a woman that she's the best option for women voters. Hillary hunger for political power is so messy huge that she didn't divorce from Bill Clinton, even after knowing that he had been sexually active with many other women. He's a monster, lied in front of the whole US nation. And now, everyone in the US look sound like they forgot of it. What the hell??!!! Bill Clinton did his time, but like his wife who use her personal email and delete thousands of them, Bill Clinton should had been put in prison. Do we really want the Clinton to hit it on back at the White House? What kind of message that pass on?

Donald Trump deserved his chance.


Anonymous said...

The American public always votes with their wallets. America is basically a corporation. Why don't we put a billionaire in there that knows how to run a business.

Anonymous said...

Sad that you drank the kool-aid. I bet you believe in trickle down economics too... Tell me, how is banning muslims (or doing extreme vetting), building a wall with Mexico (and somehow getting them to pay for it), and cozying up to Russia (but yet he thinks China is bad?) going to help the US economy? Oh wait, it won't. Turns out there's more than just white people in America and this election will show it.

Anonymous said...

They should elect a billionaire that knows how to run a business! You should do more research; he had many bankrupt businesses.


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