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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Welcome in my non-registered portfolio Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce (CM) and Andrew Peller Limited (ADW.A)!

Look at the pretty thing. The TSX is getting ready to pop up to the 15 000 points. Be ready! When the TSX is on the high, everything is extra smooth extra easy. Can the TSX hit on the 15 000 points, stay there, and go higher?? Make me proud, I want a 200k net worth by the end of 2016. My non-registered portfolio closed the session at $149 689.08. Its probably official, my net worth may be happily pumping up at 178k.

Andrew Peller Limited (ADW.A) stocks split yesterday. I taught that maybe ADW.A was going to soar and gain again just even more in value - but it didn't. Anyhow, its not of a major problem. Andrew Peller is in my opinion a safe bet. ADW.A is a killer stock that anyone with common sense will be just very excited about. I now own some Andrew Peller Limited (ADW.A) stocks in both my non-registered and TFSA portfolio. Yeah! But let's not stop the fun here please.

Because I also sold like plan my Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. (ATD.B) stocks that were from my non-registered portfolio, and I bought Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce (CM) instead. And now, my dividend income is now at an annual $7 284.50. And that is like always excluding the dividend I earn inside my RRSP. I am doing quite ok.

Whenever my non-registered pop up at 150k, its going to be fun fun fun.

I am currently listening to the presidential debate on YouTube and I have to say, Donald Trump impress me, but will it be enough to win the race? Its hard to tell.


frederic said...

I'm up 7% on Andrew Peller since getting it 1st of October. It's been a little scary and volatile day-to-day though. It's a small cap and volume is low, so a medium size sell can move the stock price.

I've got CM too. I got in a little too early at 100$, it's been around 98/99$ often since, but it should be holding up steady. This week, Bank of Canada said they weren't planning to raise interest, so the bank stocks may not be moving higher in the coming months. I've been doing better with Bank of Nova Scotia. And Manulife (MFC) has been a barn-burner, 7.5% since September.

Sunny said...

Hi Frederic,

You hold 3 good investments out of 4. ADW.A may be volatile, but its B shares are much more volatile. Andrew Pellar is a good investment for the long run, don't be scare.

At close to 5%, CM dividend yield is just way too tempting.

I often wrote that when you invest in quality stock, you'll most of the time invest at their highest value. I hold BNS too, its another good stock for the long run.

I don't like insurance companies and I don't invest in them. Check MFC since inspection, you'll understand why that one never tempt me. The price at the time of the purchase is important for this one and make all the difference. Insurance companies are riskier than bank.

frederic said...

I'm 35% up on manulife stock now. It's a bit like the stock you mention in your latest entry. You got to take them at the right moment, not after the run up.


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