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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Welcome in my non-registered portfolio Royal Nickel Corp (RNX): go go go!

A few vacation days are coming by my way, but I got a bad surprise. Usually, there's always a bus from Montreal hitting the Maritime in the late evening, its been like that forever, for at least the past 10 years. But that 's all change now. So instead of taking the bus like usual during the late evening, I now have to get up super super early in the morning and I am just scare to just not be able to wake up, even if I know that I will. And its super complicated. You need to give the date and time of departure AND your name.. Its been like that for a little while now. I mean, its like taking the plane, but in more boring. I need a private jet, that's what I need. Go Royal Nickel Corp (RNX) go!

Money is so desperately needed that I am willing to listen carefully to all sign of gold.

I guess you might figure it out all by yourself, but I had invested in Royal Nickel Corp (RNX), I couldn't resist. A little way back, I was interested in Whistler Blackcomb Holdings Inc. (WB), but I didn't invest in it. A couple months later, WB had been acquired by another company, and that make WB stocks gain in value. Ever since, I decided to always invest in stuff that interest me. I will no longer kill my instinct - will see what happen. Eric Sprott is not investing in Royal Nickel Corp (RNX) for no reason, its to make money. And I want money too, so I decided to invest in RNX, simple as that. This investment is more risky, but I am playing a small amount only. And this is how a nice young woman turn into... a greedy sexy trader warrior! lol

And check that out, as soon as I make money, I will sell out, I will go out of there. And while waiting, Sprott Inc. (SII) is going all the way down. Don't misunderstand me please, I don't like Eric Sprott, I don't like the man and his heritage, I only like his money. And look what he had done to me. Its better now that he trades under a no meaning company name 2176423 Ontario Ltd. Super idiot or super smart???

I am quite impress with EnCana Corporation (ECA) these days. At now $14.42 per share, ECA still trade far from where it had been a couple years ago, but its a good step forward, as I was just willing to give it up. I still hold it inside my RRSP portfolio.

SWY still keep wanting to push it to the top, so I hold for now. 


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Anonymous said...

I Dividend Girl,

Your blog is very interesting ! Just found it.

Why not only investing in dividend stock like you do instead of gambling with penny stock ? If it goes at 2 $ like in 2011 you will hit a home run but could still go down!


Dividend Boy


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