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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Welcome in my non-registered portfolio Park Lawn Corporation (PLC)!

The sell of Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH) left a deep hole in my portfolio and fact that the TSX closed to down 14 785 points this past Friday didn't help me in any way. Before, there I was, standing like a splendid Queen with my 150k+ non-registered portfolio and my 180k+ net worth. Everything was perfect until that damn Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH) collapse and let me down. Life is a bitch oh yeah baby girl.

To compensate, I decided to use this Friday pay cheque to invest in a stock that I had been holding on inside my RRSP for a little while now and that I really like: Park Lawn Corporation (PLC). The only way to move over that DH bad luck is to invest again again and again, tight down the budget and hit on the gym and burn like there will be no tomorrow. And it work. It actually work to move on. I have no clue when I will be at a dividend income of $600+ per month or when I will get back in on the 180k net worth. It doesn't really matter anyway.

My non-registered closed Friday session at $144 047.43. My margin usage is now down to $78 805.

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