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Sunday, October 16, 2016

My non-registered portfolio is now at... $146 071. WOW WOW WOW

To continue on the same topic as the previous post, I don't like and I am not at all in favor of Hillary Clinton because she said that she wouldn't apologize regarding her email controversy, even if she admitted that it was a mistake. For me, that's another main reason why I wouldn't vote for her if I would be American. At least, Donald Trump apologize for his bad words. He's capable of saying sorry and is willing to apologize when needed. Its not the case with Hillary Clinton, who's extremely fresh and arrogant as always and is cannot simply apologize for her mistakes.

Big shame on Michelle and Barack Obama for actively doing campaign in favor of Clinton. And if you wonder what I thing about the women that came out saying that they had been sexually assault by Trump, I believe that some or all of it actually happen, even if Trump denied those actions. I believe he may sincerely not even remember because it seem like those aggression happen a long time ago - but it didn't excuse him. Those US elections are such a joke, but so important. Between Clinton and Trump, I believe Trump is a better choice.

While waiting for the US election in November, I am enjoying a $146 071 non-registered portfolio! Currently, I am suspecting my net worth to be of $176 807, certainly very close to the 177k. And excluding RRSP, my dividend income is now of $7 112. Good numbers, looking strong. I am quite happy with my portfolio. But I am just secretly thinking about selling the Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc. (ATD.B) stocks that I hold inside my non-registered portfolio and reinvest the money in Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce (CM). That way, my dividend income would be of $7 226.72 - annually of course. It begin to become an appreciable amount of money.

I had a balance left of $1 491.52 on my credit line that I will get paid off on Monday. Great news, but I also have a credit card balance of $1 453.87 to pay off in November... Its just very hard to keep my expenses low. The expenses rack up partly because I was in New Brunswick last week. I am far away from respecting my very tight budget - I am a big cheater on that one.

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