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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Saying goodbye to Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH)

Today, I made the choice to sell Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH) for different reasons. I find it difficult to keep such a volatile stock in my portfolio. My major problem was that I didn't want to lose the original amount of money invested, I wanted to protect my capital. I had a very long investment history with Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH). I had been holding to DH since 2009. Back in the days, DH was Davis + Henderson Income Fund (DHF.UN). Even back than, DH was volatile.

I had sold with no regret. I began to feel unsecured about the stock. And the idea that Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH) may eventually cut off their dividend cross my mind. If DH cut their dividend, it would represent even more volatility ahead for the stock. And I cannot afford. For years, I made good money with DH dividend distribution, but now its over. I made a couple hundreds in the sell of today, exactly $387. I am very release. I cannot go to work during the day and worry for my portfolio. And DH began to be a pain that I didn't want to have anymore. I sell in the early morning. If I would had sell later on during the day, I would had made more money. But like said, I already had enough. And I never have any problems living with my decisions. Its, in my opinion, the key to stay active and last long on the stock market.

In result of this sell and previous SII, my dividend income is now down to $6 863.30. Still a good amount of money, just a bit lower. I prefer to be release. There's always risks associate with a stock portfolio, but I prefer to take the risk I can handle. DH began to scare me and I didn't like the feeling.

Thank you and goodbye Davis + Henderson Corporation (DH)!

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