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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Apple Inc. (AAPL): I am out and everyone should

I am just very happy that I sell my Apple Inc. (AAPL) stocks earlier this week. It got out of the game at the right time. It seem like the "Dividend Girl effect" had worked out, but in a very bad way this time, especially for current shareholders of Apple Inc. I had sell at $112.855 and Apple closed today session at a poor $108.84. The release of the new Mac didn't kick off exactly like expected. It seem like Apple is not able to cover the gap between their products and what customers are searching for. Their missing on a magical ouch that could turn things around. There seem to be disconnections somewhere, something is not working right.

Its just like me and the US stock market. Its not working. The US market is not a good fit for me. Nothing is giving me thrill and excitement on the US market right now. Its just not my place and I just don't feel any interest. I decided to stop trying. The US dollars will remain there until I need the money. Its like me and Quebec, no interest what so ever.

As for the rest, I am under the strong impression that Trump is going to win the elections and if I am right, its going to turn ugly on the markets worldwide. If you pay attention, whenever something do as "Donald Trump is going to be the next US President", the markets cannot stand it, they go down. But why is that? Trump might be a bit crazy, but once set up on his throne, maybe things won't be that bad. Hillary Clinton is such a poor woman willing to do anything to have power. She's such a miserable woman that she stayed with her cheating husband. And everyone seem to have forgot Monica Lewinsky. She had a bright future in front on her but it all fuck up because she was young and played with a married man. If there's just one little thing that young women need to catch from all that terrible saga, it would be: don't play with married men. No swings please. :0-)

November 9 might be very nasty on the stock market. It could be a very awful day, where the stock market could lose 200 points or even more. Just got to be ready for the worst. I am always ready to face the worst of anything. I have plenty of cash, not in my bank account of course, but on my collection of credit lines. And not to forget that money that I currently have in US dollars. There's always ways to stretch up things and patch. The best time to invest is during crisis. That's how I get to reached a net worth of 180k not too long ago, and that being investing only very little sum of money overtime. Its actually very hard to believe, but there's only one way where the stock market is going and its all the way up.  But here again, its about making the right choices and believing that every single moves are the best you can ever give. And there's no way out, because once in, its too hard to get out, its too hard to stop investing. I am fully intoxicated and only God knows what's going to happen next.

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frederic said...

Apple going up or down 3% in this historical week where the S&P500 is down 9 days in a row just says that it's stable. So it's a boring and following the market. The company is doing well, not growing iphones but growing services by 25% to 6 bil$ last quarter. It will continue to grow slowly over time. years.

You could bet your opinions on the US market more generally instead of picking one or two basket to puts your eggs in. it's a lot less work and worry. For example, if you expect the market to go back up after this week, you can use those US dollars to buy SPY, the etf for the S&P500 and ride the wave up.

SPY represents the 500 biggest companies in the US, QQQ the biggest tech stocks (Apple 10%, MSFT 8%, Amazon7%, etc), and FDN, which is internet tech only stocks and excludes Apple and Microsoft and instead focus on Amazon/Facebook/Google/Netflix), perfect if you don't believe in APPL.


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