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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Investors are paying the price against propaganda culture of fear

Its no secret to no one now, Leonard Cohen recently died in Los Angeles. H was born in Quebec, actually in Montreal and even he had an address in Montreal. I stopped by his home and there was still people on this Sunday afternoon stopping by. Here what look like the memorial at Leonard Cohen Montreal home:

In Montreal, Cohen was a real shining star. His home is just across the cutest little park ever, Parc du Portugal.

On October 21, something very special happen, I had reached the 180k in asset. I would like the moment to stay in a bit longer because now, I estimated by net worth to be of $172 161. Nothing extra dramatic. Easy money comes, easy money goes... At that point, I could too easily imagine myself sitting on a 200k net worth by, why not,, the end of the year, if not in the first couple months of the year 2017...  I can now say that nothing of that is probably going to happen anytime soon and I look at my $262 843.84 portfolio as a good souvenir. Maybe too good to be true. Let say I move on for now. I wanted Donald Trump to become the next US President. I got what I wanted. But now, its going to be a bit harder to reach my money goals. These days, the stock market is not the place to find happiness. I went through similar things before and always bounce back. I go through difficult phases in the past but now its different because we are stuck in a culture of fear. I am not afraid of Donald Trump. I actually adore him more every day that pass on.

So far, I am impress by Donald Trump. He has a good behavior. Its just the campaign was very nasty. The man was ready for anything to win and he won! I agree with him on the fact that immigrants with a criminal record should be deported and arrested. Canada should take example on Trump. Immigrants who are getting a criminal record while living in Canada and who are unfaithful to Canadian values, who registered to the Partie Québécois and Québec Solidaire, who rejected Monarchy should get deported. US border need to be protected, the wall is a great idea. Its actually one of the safest way to make sure no illegals cross the border and no drugs get pass on.

Go Trump go!

I love his bad ass temper and I like his willingness to face and find solutions to the most difficult problems US are facing.


frederic said...

Seeing "rejecting monarchy" as a sort of condemnable crime is funny in a post largely about the US (who rejected monarchy). Polls show that 50% of Canadians oppose having a British monarch as the head of state. Favouring it is a regional thing. The concept that aristocrat families have special "blood" that gives them perpetual powers is cartoonishly anti-democratic and Trump voters would also have none of that.


What's happening right now in the market is that institution and large investors have cashed in the profits off previously hot stocks to put money into the area that they think will grow during Trump's government, for example construction, infrastructures, banks and pharmaceutical. These stocks that are getting bought were slumping these last four years.

When they move money around, that moves our stock prices. When they leave, we are stuck with lower stock prices and volume.

They're making this move not because they are afraid of trump, but because they are bullish where before they were neutral on the economy. The market is at an all time high right now and a diversified investor would profit.

For small investors picking stocks, it means that the way the market works changed and you may need to ignore historical data and tools that use it, because stocks aren't moving for the same reason.

Right now, its' the stock that are linked to the economy that are getting hot (the cyclical stocks), while before it was the ones independant of the economy that were, like tech.

Also, if you were playing in penny stocks, it's widely possible that the big players that generally move these stocks are busy putting their money elsewhere and wont be there to move prices.

As the market is more confident in the economy, gold is going down. Because the US dollar is high, companies that sell internationally will trade lower. Finally, after a republican victory, banks go up due to possibly less regulations, and gun stocks go down because people are less likely to be scared into buying new guns.

Sunny said...

I am in favor of monarchy because its an historical link that leaded to our success as a country. I am in favor of a pure federalist expression that acclaim the history of Canada. I don't think of it as a "blood" thing, but strictly as heritage. The US is standing alone, but Canada stand among the other Commonwealth countries, and its in our advantage. US and Trump can only be jealous.

The stock market is what it is. Market is sensible to topics like Euro, Greece, and now Trump. The market went up because somewhere, Trump and Republicans are needed in the US. A change, that what was more needed. The change happen, now, the world is wondering what will happen next. Market volatility is just a normal thing. Trump will be in the White House only in January, it leave investors with themselves until that time. Until a direction is giving, market will be volatile to any tiny little news. This is not a cycle, its a little period over the next 4 years.

Its certainly not a reason to leave historical data behind, its not the way to play the market, without looking behind and without taking in consideration the long term.

SWY is not an ordinary penny stock. Gun stocks remain interesting, a little volatility is always good to bring investors interest. It could remain lucrative later on, no one can really know for now.


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