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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Canada has to say NO to Justin Trudeau pipeline projects

Its a sad day for Canadians. Two pipeline projects obtained the federal government approval. We are in 2016 and I don't understand why we should move forward with more pipelines in our country. Justin Trudeau said that those 2 pipeline projects are "in the best interests of Canadians". Like always, Justin Trudeau got it all wrong.

When spills happen, things remain quiet. Journalists don't do their job properly. I remember that this summer, a spill happen in Canada, but I don't remember where or exactly when. But it happen during the summer and I remembered hearing a woman at the radio saying that because of the oil spill, water supply were shut off, so she didn't have any water to take a shower, drink, or do her laundry. Oil spills happen from time to time very viciously. And once the spill is being discovered, its often too late. Oil will go deep down in the earth and ruined the quality of water.

If we allow new pipeline projects to move forward, we'll have to live in the fear that some day, the worst may happen. Its a fear that will destroy our quality of life forever. And if a spill happen, it will leave people in total misery. You can be rich, but if no clean water is available, rich people turn out to be like anyone else. 

Justin Trudeau is so incompetent that he's willing to jump on everything and anything just to create jobs. And not only to create jobs, but to pay off for his big deficit he had created since he had been elected Prime Minister. I didn't vote Liberal at the last election - I am of course too smart for that. But to all of the idiots who vote Liberal, look at what you had done.

Pipelines is not our worst enemy. The legislation of marijuana is. Trudeau see is marijuana an easy opportunity to cover up for his mistakes and super big deficit. Our streets are the home of too many homeless and we have problem to take care of them. We are suffering from lack of resources to help people suffering from alcoholism and other addiction. We already cannot offer health care to the community, its not everyone who has the chance to have a family doctor - but those things don't really matter right? We are just going to add marijuana to the list of problems we have. I wouldn't be pride to live in a country of pot heads. Marijuana is a drug, not a recreational activity.

I have to say that currently, I don't find myself in this country. I am not very proud to be Canadian these days.


Anonymous said...

This is completely hypocritical of you Dividend Girl. You rail about how much you LOVE Donald Trump (who is absolutely PRO-COAL, PRO-PIPELINE, anti-renewable energy) and yet you attack Trudeau for approving pipelines. Also, you are invested in pipelines. Shouldn't your actions speak louder than words?

Anonymous said...

While I really enjoy reading about you growing your wealth on dividend stocks, I am puzzled by your political views. We live in the best country in the world and should all celebrate today on the great pipeline news. I'm not sure if you have spoken to any of our fellow Canadians in Alberta who have lost their jobs and houses, and struggle to put food on the table with the terrible downturn in oil prices and Fort Mac fires. This is an amazing opportunity for them to get back into the workforce, and create thousands of spinoff jobs as well. We must support each other as Canadians. Pipelines are the safest way to move oil, and the risk is much higher to transport via rail.

Let's be proud of our great country and never forget those who are suffering. I am so proud of Mr. Trudeau's decision yesterday.

NRG said...


L3 Pipeline replacement is for Enbridge to replace 50 year pipe already in the ground. Replacing aged pipe not only makes the pipe safer it is responsible for a company to do this.
As for making unsafe drinking water. Oil sits on water and on the ground if there is a pipe break. It is easy to clean up if it on the ground. It is not easy to clean up if it flows into a stream or lake. However, it does get recovered and long term pollution is negligible.
Moving oil by railcar is your other alternative. Dont forget Lac Magantic. How many dead? Oil pipelines are the safest method to move oil.
I agree with not proceeding with Northern Gateway as if flows through the most unspoiled land in BC. Kinder Morgan expansion is on an already in place right of way. It will however increase the oil tanker traffic in Vancouver. Do you own Enbridge shares?

Basker said...

Oil is needed for all human on this earth for everyday life, from transpotation to make your bed. Oil has to transfer from production side to consumer. Pipeline is only safest way to transfer. Other options are tanker - you know the story about detraiil in Quebec took over 40 lifes?

Anonymous said...

Do you also believe that people should never get into cars or airplanes in case the worse happens?

Unknown said...

Hi Sunny. As a dividend investor, I'm sure you're aware that TRP and ENB are very good dividend payers. But more than that, they are very well-run companies that use the latest technology, much of which is developed in Canada, to ensure the safety of their pipeline systems. Moreover, the National Energy board has stringent safety requirements. Production and movement of oil is central to the Canadian economy. A strong economy allows for payment of taxes to support the social benefits we all enjoy, and for the prosperity of Canadian businesses that allow them to pay the dividends that you and I enjoy. So I hope that you will keep an open mind on pipelines. Yes, safety is of paramount importance. But windmills and embargoes on pipelines, IMO, are not the solution. Please keep an open mind. I am not shilling for Trudeau; I'm not a fan of his either. But at some point, we must progress as a nation. And that means continued safe transportation of oil by pipelines. Best wishes!


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