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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Donald Trump is the new king of the word, long life to the KING!

Yesterday evening, I watch the US elections with a cheap bottle of wine bought at the grocery store. I listen as far as I could but at 23h30, alcohol didn't help my case, I felt asleep and stopped it there. By the time I went to bed, Trump was about to win Florida. Usually how the US election goes, if a candidate win Florida, the candidate win the elections. So In my mind, Trump had already won. And when I wake up this morning, it was official: Donald Trump was the new US President! I so didn't wanted Hillary Clinton to win! Bill Clinton can keep his pants on, he won't be in the White House anymore and Hillary will have to do the dirty job in the bedroom! The Clinton, I hate them. Immensely, from the bottom of my heart for all kind of reasons.

Remember my Smith & Wesson Holding (SWHC) super hot move, well, it didn't work out like expected! Its kind of hilarious in a way. In a bad way. But that's how the stock markets are. Unpredictable. Its part of the game. If all of my sexy investment moves would all turn out well, I would be much more than just a Dividend Girl, I would be a witch. Things are not too bad. I only lost $268.28 on SWHC. Maybe later on the stock will catch up. At least, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK.B) gains 4.66% inside my US portfolio.

This morning, I was expecting the US and the world to go a little bit crazy, like in this Lil Wayne video, Drop the World....

But no, the day went on well. The TSX didn't drop like expected. It actually gain more than 100 points!! I had transferred fund in the early morning over my margin account to protect it, but it wasn't needed. For now, its all good, I can breath, but its expected that the markets will be volatile in the upcoming weeks, months... years... Its going to be complicated. Its going to be a day-to-day situation, depending of what Donald Trump will do/say... If the US get closer with Russia with manners and calm, something very great could come up. It could be great for both countries, and also for the rest of the world. I am curious to find out what will happen between the two countries.

My non-registered portfolio closed at 142 831.08, and my margin stand at a left-over of $13 119.32. Everything is under control for now.

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frederic said...

I did what I suggested in a comment here on Nov 5th. I bought "the market" during a Hillary dip on the 4th, hoping for a rally post-election. And I got one, although for the other candidate. I bought SPY at 209$, then more at 213$. Today, pre-market it's 217$. Bought QQQ at 114$, now it's 117$. I even got back into APPL at 108$ and now it's 110$. Only Facebook has been a drag.
Now the question is just, when to take the profit. It's probably going to ride through December, with a few hicups based on what Trumps says. (He's only going to be president in mid-January)

I'm only sorry I dropped out of BRK-B last week to make space. BRK could have gone either way; Buffer is fiercely anti-Trump and could get punished, but his stock probably rallied due to his banks holdings. It's up 8$ since I sold. Also sorry I didn't bet on healthcare going up, but of course they're also somewhat in the index etfs.

I had tons of orders set in case stocks dropped back to "brexit" levels on Wenesday, which of course it did not.


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