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Thursday, November 3, 2016

More federal cash for the Newfoundland Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project

Our federal government is pushing over the help to Newfoundland, instead of giving millions to the board of directors of Bombardier Inc. For once, federal force is making me proud and is doing the very right thing. During that time, Quebec rats are crying like a bunch of little babies. Being a superwoman, I would be very happy to beat down of my own hands any of those Quebec bastards who say one word to disapprove the $2.9-billion in loan guarantees for the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project. Bang! Newfoundland is in great need of project like this one, especially now. Until recently, Quebec was the Canadian province with the most heaviest debt, but now it become Newfoundland. The federal has to be there for something. Helping a province facing difficulties is what its there for. Newfoundland province is true, sincere and loyal to Canada, its not like Quebec province who's more than corrupted and unfaithful to Canada, playing behind our back. Quebec Solidaire, Bloc Québécois, Coalition Avenir Québec - all Quebec provincial politic parties having an idea of their own for a Quebec nationalist project. Go ahead, play on our back, but don't you ever think you'll get our respect. Our even worst, our money.

Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project is being co-lead by Nalcor Energy, a business created by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, and a stock that I own inside my portfolio, Emera Inc. (EMA). The Muskrat Falls project is very important, and not only to Newfoundland. Nova Scotia is another province who will gain by this. Once the hydroelectric central will be operational, the plan is to have the energy being conduct by sub-sea transmission from Newfoundland, where it will be produce, to Nova Scotia.

This is very important because it will help the Atlantic province to be energy independent. That way, we won't have to deal with Quebec for any of our energy issues. A few years ago, an attempted was made to sell NB Power to Hydro-Québec. Which would had mean to New Brunswickers that we would had to deal with Quebeckers for our energy needs. Out of the question. Back in the days, Quebec had Jean Charest as Prime Minister. The man is well known for being involve in corruption, and he had showed lack of judgement on different affairs. Charest was requesting too much out of the deal and so the proposal collapsed. Hourra! And New Brunswickers were against it, especially anglophones.

The Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project is our chance to stick together, build solutions and leave Quebec outside any juicy deal. Its our chance to be free and adopt solutions of our own. Because the last thing I want for the Maritimes is to see a province having to deal with Quebec. Its a question of respect, freedom and leadership. Our lives should depend only our ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Newfoundland and Newbrunswick are poor provinces, with very high unemployment rate and they have a grim future. They didn't diversify their economy, they will someday go bankrupt that's for sure!

On the other hand, Québec has a diversified economy (aerospace, circus, video game, pharmaceutical, hydro-electricity, etc...), an unemployment rate of only 7% (the canadian average) and has a great future, much better than newfies! And we don't make deficit anymore.

Newfies should have never tried to build their own hydroelectric dam. It's not their speciality. Hydro-electricity is a speciality of Québec, we are renowned for that, even the Chinese call Hydro-Québec when they have a problem with their dams. Our reputation is international.

Oh, by the way, the federal governement has already said that they will help Bombardier, it's just a matter of time. Bombardier now make state of the art airplanes! And we Québécois are proud of that. Montréal has now the third most important aerospace industry in the world, a success that people in the maritines are too stupid to achieve! You will never be good at anything and you know it.

Your province will go bankrupt very soon anyway.

Sunny said...

Newfies as you call them are building their own hydroelectric so they can be free of suckers like yourself.

Everyone in the world knows that Bombardier is not a reliable company. It simply cannot deliver and respect its promises. Its why your amazing company is currently trading at $1.78. There's no value in that stock.

We won't ever go bankrupt, you are just another stupid Quebeckers to say something like that. Stupid and dumb. If I were you, I would stay away from this blog. My vibes can only bring bad luck to someone of your class.

NanaDi said...

Oh are so funny and mostly right about Bombardier.
I don't think Anonymous will be back to this blog for sure. Ha Ha
Keep up the good work providing my smile for the day!!


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