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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Transforce Inc. (TFI) has a place in my portfolio

Today was really cold in Montreal with the rain, but bad surprise this evening. Montreal is getting its first winter snow, and its ugly!

In some ways, Nicolas Sarkozy was to France what Hillary Clinton was to the US, an unwanted politician of career desperately trying to get back in the game. France was so many problems to deal with it, they need someone real willing to make a difference. Some compare Trump to Le Pen, but that's quite unfair. Now at least, Nicolas Sarkozy is gone, and it might be for good this time. At a point, the guy will understand he doesn't belong to politic anymore. A Sarkozy comeback would had been such a pain. But life sometimes is fair. I only have pity for French citizens. Canada is currently being invade of little French people stealing jobs and positions belonging to Canadians. Laws are not enough restricted to protect Canadian interests and make sure that no one steal a job that could be occupied by a Canadian. I really hate seeing French people a bit everywhere in Montreal, its disgusting.

This being said, my non-registered kick off this Friday session at $143 741.97. I suspect my net worth to be at $176 322.97. Its quite good. I would like to hit on the old $180k by the end of the year. The magic $200 000 net worth will probably easily come my way in 2017 so just be ready for it. Fact that Trump will be the next US President shouldn't destroy all of my hopes and dreams. 

I first discovered Transforce Inc. (TFI) back in July on Stockopedia and ever since, TFI is showing a bunch of signs: that new darling just want to be in my portfolio, it is screaming for it. TFI registered so far gain of 39.56% year to date. WOW. Try to be better stock picker that I am. Just try. And now, conclusion being, I want to have a few TFI stocks in my portfolio. This is probably going to be my last investment of 2016. I am a bit sad about it because there's just so other things that I would had love to do with my money, but its just I don't have enough money at this time. And my mom is pushing to travel with me again, its just so annoying.

Stockopedia may be the next best thing next to me. Just to mention, Stockopedia won the Best Investment Software award at the UK Shares Awards.

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frederic said...

This French immigration complaint you make, it's a little disturbing to read a comment like this.

The reason why you see so many French people immigration here isn't that the laws are not strong enough to prevent them from coming. We, Canada, specifically invite people to apply to come here, we have programs targeting francophone countries. The government actively advertises in France, Belgium and other places. We're doing this to grow the country and we welcome people here. It's a Canadian value.

We're all French immigrant here in Quebec. This place *was* France just 260 years ago, then it got invaded by the British. The Canada you know is just 150 years old. Canada was 35 years old when my grandmother was born.

You wrote, "I really hate seeing French people a bit everywhere in Montreal, its disgusting." The facts are, you don't know anything about these people with French accents, why they're here and what they do. You don't know how many generation they may have been here. Should we be disgusted to see people from other provinces here, or anyone else not born here? We are not.

This clash of two cultures, and then further immigration and multiculturalism, is what Canada is.

The problem they have in the US with immigration is different; they have poor people illegally streaming in the country from the south (Mexico/Cuba, etc ) and getting undocumented jobs. We have no such problem and it takes a significant amount of money and effort to immigrate to Canada.


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