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Monday, November 7, 2016

Welcome in my US investment portfolio Smith & Wesson Holding (SWHC)!

Things are not too bad. I estimate my net worth to be currently sitting at $175 050. I am missing less than 5k missing to reach back the glorious 180k net worth. 5k is nothing at all. Tomorrow is the big day, we'll finally get to know who's going to be the next US President. Its about time. Its been a very long politic run full of everything we could ever imagine of. We all very tired of it I guess.

So far, all investments I made using Stockopedia had done very well. I now integrated Stockopedia in my stock picking process. The way I pick stock is mostly emotional. I invest in what catch my interest and what I believe that could turn out to be my next everything. For the biggest part, its a process base on feelings and impressions. But how could it different? I am not a Susan Brunner. I don't go in the deep and I don't read financial datas. The only thing I care about is good chart, easy money, profit, dividend. And if possible all in one please. And to satisfy my taste of adventure, I need to have new stocks out of hand to invest in. Its an ambition, but its mostly a need that never get satisfy, most of the time.

After finding something of interest, I go check the stock on Stockopedia. If I have more than one stock, I will go with one with the highest StockRank, among with the nicest up-up-up chart ever. And so far, its working. I also like to go through all Stockopedia stock screens to find my stock. Imagine having access to stocks fitting specifics that you don't necessarily understand, but that you know that are important... That's what Stockopedia is all about. And I don't even use half of what is available to me. I went through hours of screening to find out that data seem to be ok and what Stockopedia expose seem to be all good and correct.

Its simple and easy to buy and sell stock, but it something else to look at financial data to make smart choices. For those who are illiterate like me but are despite it all mostly good stock pickers, Stockopedia is the jack pot. Imagine my surprise when I found out that Smith & Wesson Holding (SWHC) had a StockRank of 99! I did what I need to do, I get in SWHC at $27.85 per share. Now, let it watch explode.


Anonymous said...

Wow your new pick is exploding but not up, it's down 15% today. Why don't you stick to stock you understand and know like Pepsi, Johnson & Johnson.

Sunny said...

It explode, but not in the right direction lol! I wanted some excitement, I got what I wanted...


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