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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Can Edward Snowden be pardon?

Its too sad, Leonard Cohen died today. His music is so original, charming and unique. Its why he's so loved. His name will remain.

I watched a Q&A of Edward Snowden that was recorded live earlier today. Its very informative and provide a new perspective on why he did what he did. He's just a too good guy and believed it was the right thing to do. Its too bad because he is paying the price on his back. He's willing to go back to the US, but at the condition of a fair trial. If the jury find him guilty, he said he's willing to do jail time. The point he's trying to make is that if you do what you believe is right, you don't need to be afraid. I have more consideration for him now that I listen to that Q&A.

Quite interesting stuff, you should listen to it:

According to Edward Snowden, massive espionage of little people like you and me never lead to anything to stop terrorism. I believe its true. With so many data at their disposal, too much is too much. It might be costing a lot to citizens but we don't really know how much those programs cost. If Snowden can distance himself from WikiLeaks, I believe Snowden could obtain Donald Trump pardon.

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