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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Improvement for investors, the TSX can handle it

Life is good when the TSX is all up. I know, the TSX didn't gain points today, but it close at a good 14 733.22 and that's enough to make me happy and make a real difference. My net worth is now at an estimate of $175 367.36. My lost in Smith & Wesson Holding (SWHC) is now only of $277.38. My non-registered portfolio is now at $1425 20.36. The best news is not I am now only missing $4 633 to reach my old 180k net worth.

I sometimes like to get a look at the stocks that I flush behind. Sometimes, selling a stock is always a good and the best option that can be made. Like for example, the case of my old DH Corporation (DH) stocks. Back on October 26, DH lost close to 50% of its value in one day. The following day, I was selling DH, making a few hundreds in the process. I didn't want to hold to a such volatile stock. And I was scare of a dividend cut that could affect even more the stock price.

Selling DH was definitively the right thing to do. DH Corporation (DH) close today session at $14.17. Selling DH was just so the right thing to do! It left behind a gap in my portfolio. Its the main reason why my non-registered portfolio is at 142k instead of 150k. At its highest point, DH was trading at $40 per stock! Facing such trauma is not easy, but I am only missing a few thousands to get back in my feet. After all, I am the Girl.

Another investment that I sold a couple of weeks ago, was JFT Strategies Fund. Back in the days, Jean-François Tardif was THE MEGA good looking star on Bay Street. In the first 2 years of holding JFS.UN, I made money on the units, and I sell some for profit. But the months following that were not good for JFS.UN. Tardif began to say that he couldn't hope to do better than a 6% on the market. On date of today, JFS.UN closed the session at $14.30. JFS.UN is not performing and it remain not profitable. But no matter what, there's still a management fee that investors pay for holding some units of JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN). Now, Jean-François Tardif is no longer a mega investor star, but at least he's still good looking - I guess.

Its just 2 quick examples, but usually, when I sell a stock, its for good reason. And most of the time, I am always right. Bad bitches are always right. Tardif can now retired for good. Goodbye honey.

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NRG said...

You cannot expect every stock, even ones that look so promising to be successful. That's why having a diversified portfolio is so important. I also sold DH and lost 5k in the process. It's going to happen but your successful picks on other stocks will compensate your loss in the long run.


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