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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Saying goodbye to Apple Inc. (AAPL)

I decided to sell my Apple Inc. (AAPL) stocks today. I taught that Apple was going to hit big because of problems with Samsung cell phones, but it didn't quite happen like expected. So I decided to sell now before losing any money. The profit made today was tiny small: $35.53 after buy and sell commission fees. However, please remember that a profit made after commission fees is a profit, no matter what! And I am too poor to actually be able to afford losing money. This sell left $2 120.36 in my US account. Now my main problem is what am I going to do with that money?

I check on a few screens on Stockopedia, desperately trying to find a US stock that catch my interest. I really try hard, but the US market doesn't turn me on. What I like is the TSX and our good quality stocks. My problem is that I find US stocks have volatile charts - even the one with good StockRank. Its too bad because I currently have US dollars available, but I have no idea what to invest in. With the US elections coming up, it make things more scary, especially knowing that Trump now has the advantage on Clinton. Its what I wanted. If you ask me to choice between Trump or Clinton - and its unfortunately only one or the other that can be made as choice, I go with Trump. The problem being that the markets react badly to the "Trump" phenomenon. Any stocks involve in financial market, like banks - like the Bank of America that I was looking to invest in, could be hurt. Its what I think at this time. I just can wait for the elections to happen and move on. Its not very an exciting time. Its torture.

Facebook is very interesting but very expensive and doesn't pay any dividend. Johnson & Johnson has problem with their baby powder that could lead to more lawsuits. I don't understand what ground up women were doing with baby powder in their underwear, but some have develop ovaries cancer because they used baby powder over time. 

So I am pretty stuck when it come to US stocks and I have a big fatty margin of $78 839.83 that need to be paid down a bit. An option of repayment remain, but why cannot find a US stock that can fit me well?

Its all because I am too picky and true Canadians can only love Canadian stocks.


Unknown said...

I never got into Apple but than I have a Rule Breakers portfolio. I bought Ambarella: I reckon it is undervalued and that its value will go up anyway with the regulation about drones (US).

Anonymous said...

Looks like dividend stocks are getting crushed today - between Trump coming back in the polls and a possible rate hike by the Fed. Get ready for sale prices in a few days!

Anonymous said...

Facebook just announced record earning and the stock dropped from 130$ to 118$ after hours. Other companies are also dropping on earnings that beat estimates (alibaba, square) Canada's shoppify is the one I saw going up.

The US market is so down this week, it's best to not even look at it to buy long.

Things could look up after the US election, but the problem is that there is a sell off at the end of December every year (as funds dump their stocks to get the gains on the book), so it is often also not a good month to buy.

Ronni said...

If stocks are down because fund mgrs are selling off at year end or due to a trump win then it's a great buying opportunity for you.

Anonymous said...

I think your sale of Apple probably something to do with your loss in Davis Henderson Corp. It's better to keep a principle that any stock if it looses 5% of value, dump 50% of shares and if it looses 10% of value, dump all. Apple usually recommended as keeping it for a long time. It is sitting on huge amount of cash. If they can't come out with some plan with such pile of cash, who else?

Sunny said...

Apple and Davis are 2 different stocks, 2 different situations.
You are wrong to think "long term" about Apple. Its done and over for Apple. Its not a super good stock to invest in, I don't believe in it anymore. That's why I sell.


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