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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

BMO Bank of Montreal is also upselling customers

The TSX gain some valuable points today and it help my non-registered portfolio to reach the $152 233.41. My TFSA closed at $60 194.68. I estimate my net worth to be at $190 400. Its a good step forward. I was pleased today to see Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) closing at $8.06. If even JE is taking up some strong beef, its because everything is really possible. Like if this super babe could have everything she wants.

TD is currently under fire. A few days ago, CBC came with a story of ex TD Bank Group employees saying they had been put under pressure to sell and make clients sign up for products and services that they didn't need or even ask. Banks CEO received millions and millions in "compensation". That money need to come somewhere. In the financial industry, where everything is really focus on money, bonus and performance, at the end, the pressure to upsell customers is quite common. Customers are paying the price. The need to be smart is needed.

I had invested in the past in mutual funds and I have deal with financial advisers in the past and I got more bad than good experiences. I had the experience of a financial sector extremely fresh. I once had invested in Manuvie products. I wanted to invest 5k in RRSP related product. but I had a bad surprised, the advisor only but 3k in RRSP. I had to called Manuvie to have the mistake corrected and I was really pissed off. Did I ever bought some financial products with Manuvie ever again? Hell no.

Once at Mont-Royal Desjardins, I wanted to invest in mutual fund for my RRSP. Even if I had the correct investor profile and the money, I was denied access to the product that I wanted. Do I make any business with Desjardins now? Hell no.

I am just telling quickly a few stories but I had lived many others. You may go through the hundred other posts wrote in the past couple years.... you have too. ;-)

I have several thousands of dollars at my disposal to invest and play with, but from my experience, its way better to be a self doer because in Quebec, there's no good financial advisers or bank or firm that exist. Quebeckers are people who are very fresh, selfish, careless and have no class. When it come to money, they are extremely incompetent. I never put my money and trust in the hand of any Quebeckers and I strongly advice to outcomers to be extremely careful. Living in Quebec is not easy or fun. But if I am now so close to hit on the $200 000 net worth, its only because I am top sexy smart.

Generally speaking, the Quebec mass is not good and shouldn't be trust in any way. This is really important to know. Its a matter of education and Quebeckers are not well educated and that being in every field, especially when it come to money management.

Several years ago, I was working at BMO Bank of Montreal. I had followed an entry level training to work at their Montreal call center. The pressure for sales was really intense. Basically, I had to do sale in every single calls and by "sale", it meant the opening of a credit line or credit card, the opening of a bank account, the "update" of a banking account, etc. When you transferred a call for a credit line to another service, the supervisor knew who had transferred the call and if the customer had open a credit card or anything else, the sale was put under our name. There was a real competition going on by sector and by shit. A client could call simply to check on his or her balance let say, but land up with a credit line because it was pitch at their face... Stuff like that.

Toronto-Dominion Bank is being accused right now, but BMO Bank of Montreal has a lot to be ashamed of. What a bunch of little fuckers.

I prefer to be a self-made rather than having to deal with some idiots. Please kiss my assets.


Anonymous said...

You go girrrrl!!


Anonymous said...

Yes your right. Almost every time I go to BMO, for a simple transactoon, the teller is searching all over her monitor. She will then offer a new Mastercard, etc. One time she called over a financial planner who asked me why I had so much money in the bank!!! He offered a free consultation. No thanks.


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