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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Hot tips on how to manage your money like a super pro

I consider having a low income, even being in the second tax bracket. Its hard to save money, but if you are creative enough, its possible to save money. Overtime, I came with the idea that the ability to save money is a gift. You are naturally born as a saver or a spender. Its possible to fix bad spending habits, but from my experience, its extremely hard to share the importance of saving money to heavy spenders. In my case, its even cost me a friendship. I could no longer stand the other person spending habits and time and distance helping, I no longer have any contacts and its better that way. Because you can really burn yourself out repeating over and over the same thing. I find that heavy spenders often have social problems - its really important for those individuals to fit in, have many friends, go out a lot, be well dress; look and appearance being extremely valuable for them.

I am from those who were born natural savers. I never had any problems to save money. I was actually a better saver when I was making less money and that my job situation was less stable. Because when I didn't have regular paycheck, I wasn't going to the hairdresser every 6 weeks or so, I didn't buy as many clothes and beauty products. My ultimate failure is beauty products but because of it, I don't have any wrinkles yet and I hope to remain intact for the next 10 years.

This being said, here's the kind of spirit that is needed when you need to come over with some drastic saving habits: whenever you spend money, the money is lost, its no longer yours. So if after knowing that, you still cannot cut on your spending, its mean you have a problem. And good thing is, its not my problem. When it come to money, selfishness is around. I thing the general population had really poor knowledge on how to handle money. When I was working at BMO Bank of Montreal in their call center located in Montreal, I was receiving many desperate calls. I once got the call of a lady desperately crying to have access to the money she has in BMO mutual funds. She wanted the money right away, but it was impossible. It was really sad. Overall, what shocked me the most was the cross selling that we were force to perform. And also the fact that there's many Canadians out there who don't have any saving at all and live on paycheck per paycheck. There can be many reasons for this, but its always possible to save money. I come with no silver spoon in my mouth, I had to pay for my studies, for basically everything that come with it. I left home in my young twenties because I quickly realize there was no work for me in my hometown. And after, I became super rich, if you considered a net worth of $194 979.33, maybe even 195k - my latest evaluation - as being super rich... I do.

The failure in our system is that we don't teach anything about finance in high school. People don't get to heard about the stock market unless they come from a rich entourage or are doing the search by themselves. And its a real big problem. Because when come the adult life, its not the time to learn about the basics. And if on top on that you don't know how to save money, them, your adult life is really starting the wrong way. Is is something that Justin Trudeau will come with one day to help Canadians create richness for themselves? Hell no, the man is ridiculous and doesn't have any ideas of what to do to help Canadians succeed. The only thing Justin Trudeau did was to give out massive amount of money to Canadians. But giving out money won't serve at nothing. Warren Buffett understood that a long time ago. That's why he only pay for the studies of his great children and nothing more. 

It was more easy for Justin Trudeau government to give money to families in form of allocation rather than coming out with tangible programs that will benefit to all. Canadians made a really bad choice by electing him as Prime Minister. And now, that lunatic man is going to ruin our future. We won't see the end of this deficit. It create a trauma and because he gave so much money away, there's nothing left for programs or to create great stuff. I think Justin Trudeau is an incompetent.

Now come the best part, fuck Trudeau, how to manage your money like a Dividend Girl:
-Live below your need.
-Don't blow your budget on renting. Go with something smaller than bigger. The goal is not to spend too much on your rent. Don't spend too much on furniture. Go to iKea, I thing they have the best deals, but shop around if you really need something. Prefer really basic furnitures. Don't spend a dime at decorating. My apartment is really plane and not stylish at all - but not being is your new way starting now.
-Go to the gym instead of doing anything else that could lead you to spend money: that way, you won't spend money. And you'll get a sexy body to die for. 
-Live every week like a brand new, table rase, one to set new goal and be serious about it. Forget about the past mistakes.
-Eat breakfast home.
-Try not to buy morning coffee (very hard!) - if your a girl, but some nice lipstick on. You won't get your morning coffee because you don't want to destroy the good looking color standing on your lips...
-Live on cash. What's your monthly budget? Keep the money for your rent in the bank and withdraw the rest. That's what you have in your hands is for the month - do or die!
-And of course, bring your lunch home.
-Don't color your hair - I stop coloring mines and I may have safe plenty among the way.

Just a few tips for now to keep in mind. This week, I bought two purses at Fafa and a Laura Mercier lipstick. I barely wear makeup anymore, but lipstick is a must not to look ordinary. I have a thing for those Fafa purses. Wonder what my failing is about? Go check it here.

I hope you enjoy.

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