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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) celebrating its 20th birthday in New York City!

Wowww! First, the TSX lost a couple points, but it doesn't matter. My non-registered portfolio is up at $160 779.84, which is an increase of $294.84 compare to yesterday. Good, but I am missing $1 700.27 for a 200k net worth... But surprise, I received my federal tax refund today, close to $300... And tomorrow is... PAYCHECK day baby. PAYCHECK. I think that tomorrow could be the happy day, we'll have to wait and see. Anyhow, its not today that I had reach my first $200 000 net worth, but today was the birthday of Just Energy Group Inc. (JE)! Yeah! I would had been too cool that both things happen on this special day. 

One thing for sure, once I will be happily sitting on a $200 000, it will be my fortune and I will shake my ass just like Iggy Azalea (I don't know how she does it, but her jello ass swing a lot! lol!!!) but you won't get to see it unless I finish in a strip club which could happen, you never know. What a good tune to burn gym pants on. Listen to the song for itself please or imagine that I am one of the chick in the video. Do as you wish...

I had been holding on to JE for a very very long time in my portfolio. I lost a couple of thousands on the title, but at least, its paying good dividend. And who knows, maybe JE will go up again. And today, Rebecca MacDonald and her senior staff were at the New York Stock Exchange to ring the Bell of the market. What a moment! Ding-ding-ding-ding! 

Rebecca MacDonald is quite an extraordinary woman and I am a mega fan of her. She had started Just Energy out of nothing. You might want to read about her story. She's one kind of a lady with wonder skills and killer instincts. I am proud to be a shareholder of Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) for those reasons. But I have to say, I would like to recover from those capital loses. There's always hope since I still hold to my old time shares.

In my opinion, Just Energy Group Inc. (JE) is an honest company. JE may have ring the bell in the US, but its in Canada that we have the best stock market of the world. And some Quebeckers are not aware of that. And think they are better, and want Quebec province to separate and become a country of their own. Shame on them. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. In Canada, Quebeckers are well known for their lack of integrity. The mass is not properly educated and articulated. And they are among the worst cheaters and liars, its actually quite incredible. I personally think its because of their very direct French heritage. Ok, I can hear you saying - yeah, but you are Acadian, you are French too right? Not exactly. Deportation was sadly benefit in many strange way - it had killed for good all links to our French heritage, so the culture is not French, but properly Acadian, and we have to speak a language, so it was French. We were not to speak English like our UK enemies at least. I am not exactly proud of my in deep French roots, but who fuck with who before to get to me is not something that obsess me either way. Quebeckers are hypocrite like only French of France can be. They are poisonous and sick people and their province is as fuck up as France is. I am not French!

This being express, over the years, Bombardier Inc. had benefit from millions and millions of dollars in tax money paid by Canadians. And that being for which purpose please? To give millions and millions to the idiots who are not able to deliver the C series properly. And the most hilarious thing of all is that Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B) trade at a tiny little $2.09 per share on the TSX. The company has no trading value what so ever. And its a good thing.

Investors need to stay away from such disastrous companies. I am now your best friend and you must know: don't invest a single penny in Bombardier Inc. (BBD.B). The TSX is the dream to any Canadian and foreign investors. If I am about to make it to the 200k without investing that much, always small amount over time, its because the TSX is the best stock market of the world. I never fail at finding new fabulous stocks on the TSX. I am doing even better than Jean-François Tardif, my way of investing had been more profitable than his poorly manage JFT Strategies Fund (JFS.UN). If you hold any of JFT Strategies Fund in your portfolio, your a total loser. Because you can do better on ACO.Y, just to name that one. 

You should never consider investing in a fund manage by a Quebecker, all a bunch of money sucker who are extremely incompetent. Now you are aware, so be smart. and try to survive to the hell of Quebec province. Each day is a new fight and don't come too close or I will knock you out.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog!
I want to start dividend investing and have saved 30,000. I want to put $5000 in a utility and $5000 in a bank or financial. I have been waiting for a pullback but it just didn't happen. Should I just bite the bullet and invest or should I wait for a pullback. I am in my early 20's. What would you do if you were in my shoes? I'm not sure what to do with the rest.

Anonymous said...

MMmmm, you are so motherf#$^#$ sexy Sunny. Money, brains, humor! Sexy video by Iggy. Fuck the French!! Have sex with the Acadian! Yum, yum! West Coast Equal!

Anonymous said...

I'm the anonymous guy who wants your advice on getting started on dividend investing. Looking forward to your response! Obviously, the other guy thinks you're sexy! Ha ha.

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