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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The $200 000 net worth is on its way

The TSX may had lost 165.21 points today, but my portfolio reaction was quite smooth and I was surprised because I was really expecting some loses and felt bad about it, as always. I am not in to lose money. I need to make money, especially at the time where I am just so very close to hit on the $200 000 net worth. Sooo close that the only thing I find to keep it cool is to sweat all of my body evening after evening like if I were going to marathon or something like that. And I kept thinking that if I would be Eugénie Bouchard tennis star best pal, I would had transformed her into a beast like I am and she'll be winning her games one after the other instead of losing them. I don't know what shes does at the gym but she needs to wake up and listen to Eminem songs on her iPod and this is it. And yes, mine (booty) is getting all shake up these days. I guess it oxygen my brain a lot because I am on top of my game and there's nothing I love more than winning. And nope, you cannot beat me up. You cannot do close better on the market right now. Sweet secret love: sometimes, I am at my best like now..... when I keep it nice and quiet and don't trade. But don't tell anyone.

It wasn't looking good from the outside today. Just to make things just a bit more rough, the weather is currently really bad in Montreal. A major winter storm is on. I forgot to call my old folks to check on them but its too late to call now. I got busy watching tv and time pass by. The bad weather was just a good excuse to skip the regular I-like-to-burn my ugly sport gears ritual at the gym until I see holes. One day, nothing will be left and I will have no choice than to buy a couple of t shirts that actually fit me and are not too flare. And I would like some long leggings too please. Those at Gap look so pretty nice. The jogging pants are about to be put in fire. And its too hot to exercise in jogging anyway.

But oh no, cannot buy too much right so the ugly clothes will remain for now for many reasons as I just have a few thousands to go for my little emergency fund project. Easter is coming up and no way I am going to stay here. So far, sexy lucky girl with the ugly sport gears was able to spend all of Easter in New Brunswick for the past couple years. If after that you still believe that God doesn't exist, its just really not my problem.

Best thing is, the TSX lost close to 170 points and my non-registered portfolio closed at $151 067.24 and TFSA $59 901.56. I currently don't trade, but I would like to have Atco Ltd. And TIH is still the hot stuff too. I didn't sell Stornoway Diamond (SWY) yet. I prefer to keep it for now even if I taught about selling it.

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