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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) is stealing the show on the TSX

Wow, some hot stuff is going on right now! Like almost every evening, I checked on my portfolio, and what a surprise, my non-registered portfolio climb like a rocket to... are you ready? GO: $154 119.02! I own the spectacular profit to all of my portfolio, but one stock in particularly rock it on all today. Its Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH). PBH gain 5.73% today. Mega $$$.

I first invested in Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) back in February 2010. I was wised enough to recognize that PBH was one of the stock that will turn me into a rich girl. And 7 years later, I am about to hit on the 200k net worth. What a long road. 7 years!!! But time didn't pass on my pretty face. Premium Brands Holdings Corporation (PBH) is actually the only positive thing that I was able to get from Jean-François Tardif. Because his JFT Strategies Fund suck so much that I sold all of the units I was holding from JFS.UN. All alone, PBH is a killer and it worth much more than anything that Jean-François Tardif could come with right now. And with all that good stuff, I estimate my net worth to be set up at $192 285.61. I don't need Jean-François Tardif no more, but I have to say I am grateful. Because if today I have the appeal of a queen, its because of him. Its because of Jean-François Tardif that I have PBH in my portfolio. Simple is that. Sometimes, life is strange. I cannot totally hate him even if he's a Quebecker. I just can't.

And other nice surprise. I have a little note book in which I write my portfolio, my number of shares and the annual dividend for each investment. Well, it happen that I just notice this evening that I was missing one investment in that list. I had forgot to note KEG.UN and its dividend. And as you might know, PBH announced today a dividend increase of 10.5%. This is so awesome. So both thing together + DRIP, bring my annual dividend income to a very fantastic $7 170.07.

Now, I am just very curious to see what's will happen next.

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