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Monday, March 20, 2017

Its time to say goodbye to sexy Stella Jones Inc. (SJ) and its CEO Brian McManus

I invested in Stella Jones Inc. (SJ) back in 2013. At the time, I was so excited about the stock that I even sent an email to Derek Foster to tell him of my great finding. After all, I had made thousands by investing in his stocks, I had to repay him in someway. You just cannot imagine how much I was excited by my finding - just out of this world! The dear Derek Foster replied back saying something like that he knew about the stock - wow!, but wasn't interested in investing in it, wasn't matching his criteria or something like that. No matter what, I invest in SJ and made several hundreds in capital gain inside my non-registered and we are taking about close to 2 thousands in capital gain inside my RRSP - because I am holding on to SJ in both my non-registered and RRSP.

It appear that Derek Foster was right about SJ. Today Stella Jones lost 5.24%. I am still in the profit zone no matter what for now, but I am tempt to sell SJ now before it get too late - no matter how good looking is Brian McManus. I don't care. Stella Jones recent dividend increased of 10% was certainly a way to cover up their financial misery, but sooner or later, investors sell, analysis get in and it get dirty smoke. All alone, the dividend distribution, even with an increase of 10% - really doesn't worth it. And I cannot afford losing any money so I prefer to sell quickly like a cute rabbit - at least of what I hold inside my non-registered portfolio. 

If like me you had made several thousands with Stella Jones Inc. (SJ) and you are a market chicken just like I am, you might like to at least partly sell SJ. Because when the profits will be all gone, you won't be able to get any free juice from SJ. Your time will be dead.

Being out invested in the stock market is not an easy thing, but when I have too, I sell. I decided to sell SJ because of it poor dividend income and poor market situation of the time. I cannot afford stock losers because I am not a loser.

Now, my new everything is on the spot: ATCO Ltd. (ACO.Y). I will partly invest on margin on this one but its only because I deserve a treat. My tax declaration had been done for 2016 today, I worked really hard to have a couple of thousands in my bank account. Enough sacrifices. I want ATCO Ltd. (ACO.Y). It will look like a shiny star in my portfolio. It will be my latest proud, so be ready ACO.Y, I am coming for you.

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