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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Justin Trudeau: leave my capital gains alone

The London terrorist attack is so sad. It happen in such in a beautiful location. I was watching for news of the federal budget when I found out.

The federal budget was presented today. At least, tax on capital gain won't increase. Its about the only positive thing that came out of this budget. This is something that was going to affect investors, big like small. Its a release, because since I am located in the second tax bracket, I am already paying a lot in income taxes. I struggle to save a few dollars to invest. The federal government live on our hard earned money, but its seem like money is nothing for Justin Trudeau. Under Trudeau, our richness is not properly manage. I find this Liberal government having very poor leadership and no view on what to actually do now so the economy can re-bounce now, and not in 10 years from now. Action is not focus in the immediate time. Its a lot easier to concentrate on the long term rather than taking decision now that will have positive impacts in our life in the next few months.

Our deficit is now at 28.6 billions of dollars. A government that hold debt is not like an individual who have to pay off debt - that's truth, but its a concern for me that this Liberal government, with all its freshness and impotence, is driving us in a dangerous hole. This same government did not even propose a pay off plan for this enormous debt. The only thing Justin Trudeau can actually do correctly is to take the pose for magazines and take some stupid selfies. At a point, we won't be able to pay off that huge deficit. Its very disgusting and Canadians don't seem to be alert or even concern. I am very shocked and upset. But what you expect more coming from a Quebecker? Justin Trudeau should never been elected. He only had a high school teacher background. He never suffered from anything in his life and he's not the right man to handle serious duties. Canadians had made the wrong choice. I knew something like this will happen under his govern. A total mess and we'll suffer one day or the other from that incompetent of Justin Trudeau. We are not that rich of a country to handle big billions in debt like that.

Now more than ever before, its time to save money and be wise spender. In my next post, I will chat a bit on my day-to-day strategies to save money. In other words, you'll learn how to be as smart as a Dividend Girl.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny,

I've been following for a little while and thought it was finally time to let you know how much I enjoy your thoughts and enthusiasm!

I'm an old guy so my perspective is a bit different but I'd be happy if my sons shared some of your views.

Re Justin, I have to agree. Mr. Harper was past his expiry date and JT is the result.

Cheers, FTG

Anonymous said...

I have no idea which middle class this guy is supposed to represent. Middle class people have jobs. They take public transportation to such jobs.

In this budget, they get to pay more for their bus passes and more in employment insurance taxes.

When they come home they get to pay more for heating their home or using their car because of the various carbon taxes.

They also get to put 28B on their credit card. Where does this money even go?

Next year, they'll be coming for the people that dare to save a couple of bucks. Savings are the only way for the middle class to achieve some financial security. Yet, he wants to tax more and more their savings.

Weird times when the sane government seems to be the Quebec Liberals who at least pretend to balance their budgets.

Anonymous said...

I would give anything to bring Harper back. Harper cared about business, and created incentives for individuals to invest and have lower taxes.

Trudeau is just the opposite - we will soon be taxed to death and have massive deficits so Justin can spend till the cows come home


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