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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Welcome in my non-registered portfolio ATCO Ltd. (ACO.Y) and Coca-Cola Company (KO)!

I did it with no regret, I sell off all of the stocks that I was holding of Stella Jones Inc. (SJ) inside my non-registered and RRSP portfolio. Over time, I don't think SJ financial situation will improve and its 10% dividend increased was just for me a show off to cover up the fact that the stock can no longer perform as well as it used to be. And I hate when company like this increase dividend income when they shouldn't be. Its very unprofessional, but you shouldn't expect too much coming from a Quebec business located in Montreal. I happily cash in a profit of $270.06 in my non-registered portfolio and $1 938.51 inside my RRSP. In my case, it was time I go out of Stella Jones Inc. (SJ). SJ lost 2.74% today and I think its up for more loses. What matter the most at this time is not to lose money, and to invest in stock that will make my glory and that I can relax on, and that will push my net worth value over the edge. Nothing easy, but nothing impossible either way.

So I got rid of SJ today, but I had welcomed a brand new stock inside my non-registered portfolio: ATCO Ltd. (ACO.Y). I am very excited about this new acquisition. Its like having a brand new diamond ring but no one can see it, if not me. But its looking good anyway! I always enjoy new bling-bling. There's nothing better than holding on to a brand new stock and when you know its the one, its stock I am going to get richer on, well, its when life decided to give you something extra to get satisfy.

Currently, I have eyes on iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index (XRE). I am thinking about selling it too. I had been holding this one for many years but capital gains haven't been mega generous.

I didn't sell Stornoway Diamond (SWY) and its a good thing I didn't. Deep inside, I didn't want to sell my diamonds mine. Its been said that SWY is about to be acquire... anyway, will see. And during that time, SWY is beefing up the wood!!! We are seeing a little increase in the value and its a good thing.

I had very good hope for my US investment American Outdoor Brands Corp (AOBC), but it didn't work as expected. I sold out, lost about $500, and I invested in one of Warren Buffett favorite stock: Coca-Cola Company (The) (KO). I think I am on the good road to recover from that little US lose. I will recover in no time, I promise.

With all of those changes, my dividend income is now at $7 240.67, which is quite good at this point of the journey. I don't have any stocks I am interest in at this point. Next step will be to put a couple thousands on my margin to decrease its using. The next couple months are probably going to be quiet, but with the Dividend Girl, you never know, so better stay tune.  

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