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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Happy WOMEN day, investors

Day like this, with no clear market direction, is not an ordinary day. It can be as stressful just like if the market would had lose 150 points. Maybe the worst is to come, maybe not, but a day with no direction leave all suspense possible. DRIP helping - and I forgot that I hold CM in both non-registered and TFSA portfolio - my dividend income is now at $7 016.39. Getting closer to 8k, but my main concern at this time is not to see outstanding dividend gain. Its simply to keep my head out of the water.

Its a good thing that I began to put cash away. This way, if a good opportunity present, I will have original money to buy something - other than just margin money, which I only have left available 15k+ at this time.

One of today top gainer hit me on: Atco Ltd (ACO.X). I began a new page on my blog, a Watch List were I can throw all the stocks that catch my interest, but its not showing up strangely. Technical problem. But no worries the secret page is here for your review. You'll have to put it in your bookmark and check it from time to time if you don't want to miss the best I have to offer. Because I really hope you only read me for what I am best at: finding good new investment ideas.

Tomorrow is women day, which is obscene in a way to come with a "women day" - just to distinct us a bit more. We don't need anything of that nature. Does guy have a "men day"? It make pity. I guess it would be a good thing to say that the CEO of ACO.X is a woman, Nancy Southern. Yeah. This is certainly not common but I so don't care. I know only one stock of mine that has a woman as CEO: Just Energy Group Inc. (JE), CEO being the founder of the company, the one and only Rebecca MacDonald. I adore Rebecca MacDonald, and she's a woman. Hourra.

Anyway, women still have a long battle when it come to CEOs position like that, and even in finance. I am not familiar with any female investor, if its not only Susan Brunner. But its because I am the best female investor. Its only because of that. LOL

Only time will tell if I am very good or not but so far, I will say that I made descent money, and I could live by working part-time at the minimum salary if needed so if I can do that, its mean I am a sexy star.

Happy WOMEN day.

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