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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

About Methanex Corporation (MX) dividend

I had received 18.01$ in dividend income from Methanex Corporation. It’s just very nice to have this little extra in my portfolio. I earn one more stock of Methanex Corporation today. I am still waiting for Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) dividend to arrive. The month of June had been fantastic for my dividend earnings.

About my credit life

Today, I call TD Visa just to confirm when my special rate of 4.95$ I have for an amount of 3 000$ will end. The special interest rate will end at the end of September, just I taught it will. Than the customer representative announced me that I was eligible to get a 9 000$ credit card. I didn’t accept yet, I just told her to but the offer on hold and that I didn’t know if I wanted more on my credit card for now. Than I told her that instead, I would like to see my credit line increase. She was from the credit card department only, so I was not able to get any information regarding the possibility to increase my credit line. But I might call tomorrow, it might be the perfect time since I already received an offer to increase my credit card. I don’t care about my credit card (the regular interest rate is of %!!!). What I am mostly interested in is my TD credit line. The interest is of 8%. I had been with TD since 2005 or around. I always pay on time my « bills » with them. Like couldn’t they provide be a raise any time sooner. TD customer service is sooooo bad!

Here is what I have as credit card and their respective limits:

Zellers credit card: 500$

Old student credit card from Desjardins: 500$

TD credit line: 5 000$

TD Visa: 5 000$

RBC Visa: 10 000$

CIBC Visa: 2 500$

TOTAL: 23 500$

And it’s here where it’s getting pretty hilarious… Can you imagine, I have 24 000$ worth in credit card? Right now, I am able to manage my debts pretty well. If it’s happen my credit line limit is getting increase, I know exactly what’s going to happen, it’s going to be loaded to whatever the limit will be… I love to invest too much and any increase on my credit line will serve to invest in stocks, mutual funds and other.

My idea of getting more credit from RBC was a very bad one. I am happy with the credit I have right now and I am not looking for more. Even if its very tempting for me to ask for a credit raise for my TD credit line. Those banks can really be disgraceful. It’s not helping me at all to increase my limit on my credit card. On a long term basis, it can only destroy my financial health.

I got really bad news regarding my CIBC Visa. On April 24, I got charge 29$ for financial services! But of my whole life, I always subscribe to free credit card, who has no financial charges. I just find out about this fee… I should definitely take a look at my credit card statement for carefully. But hey, when you are rich like myself, does a 29$ really matter? The answer being YES. Definitely. Every penny counts. Now, I want to be refund for that 29$ and close my credit card if not, I am going to file out a complaint regarding CIBC Visa.

Last payment I made on my CIBC Visa was on March 17 and it was to clear everything off. Since that date, I taught it was totally clear out. It was, until those stupid people of CIBC Visa decided to add a little extra… a 29$ fee. But it’s just now that I find out that I had been charged for a 29$ financial services fee. This is totally distushting. I have to take care of this tomorrow. I don’t think I have ever been charged on that credit card any financial fees before.

Tomorrow, a customer representative from CIBC Visa is going to have a really bad time when I will be calling lol…

To sell or not

An idea quickly cross my mind, I could sell the investments that are doing well in my portfolio and quickly pay off some debts. But selling for now is just out of the question. I plan to get a third job, seriously job searching and watch out my expenses. My only problem: I didn’t begin my job search yet lol.

Guess the only thing left to do is budgeting… I decide to slow down on my expenses for a while. A cool new tool should help be to calculate my budget… You will learn more in about 2 weeks from now! Stay tune.


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this dividend will increase in future.....

Sunny said...

I hope it will!


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