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Monday, July 27, 2009

Because everyday is magic

I wake up late again, but I was really in need of a morning sleep. Too much are in my head and I work a lot this weekend. I spend most of my free time on HubPages and, believe it or not, I spend hours trying to write those articles! I am now at 16 articles on HubPages. I have plenty of ideas on stuff to write about. I am only missing time and some good and solid English skills…

As always when I wake up, I take a look at my portfolio and… The TSX is up to more than 10 700 points… Really extraordinary. But if it ever felt again, it’s going to be a major deception for everyone out there. My sell order for Dumont Nickel (DNI) at 0.04 cents hasn’t been executed. In the meantime, Dumont Nickel (DNI) remains in my portfolio at 0.03 cents per stock – quite nice, I purchased the 23 000 stocks at 3 cents… No money lost (or just the too high commission fee of 29$ – TD Waterhouse), no money made…

But… My portfolio is getting beautiful everyday… My stocks and units portfolio is now at 23 198.41$, which is a jump of 314.41$ compare to the 22 884$ of July 25, 2009. And if we calculate 314.41$ + 48 591.98$ = 48 906.39$...

Which mean: I am currently only missing 1 093.61$ to reach my first 50 000$.

Is this real?

So far, the Derek Foster strategy is working fine for me. I hope to recover from my loses very soon. My loses are only my fault. Timminco (TIM), Sprott Inc. (SII) or the Sprott Canadian Equity Fund were my own pick and I failled with those investments.

But I am mostly proud of Fortis (FTS), Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN), Methanex (MX), Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN). Those were nice picks. But remember I am not a specialist... Funny thing is the stock market.

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