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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Marvelous month of July

I just love this month of July. I should received 130$ in dividend income money. I am expecting 2 370$ in pay from my jobs. After paying my regular expenses for the month of August, it’s 1 270$ I will have in extra to invest. I am very tempt to invest 1 000$ extra in the Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund, since I am very satisfied with the result of this mutual fund.

Tomorrow is my last day of work at my weekend job. There’s a lack of work, but work should be back available very soon. I will request my vacation pay for the next pay check. I should be all fine.

I just went through this horrible coaching today. I am very tempted to quite my job just for that. It was a rude coaching and the poor man was just telling me I wasn’t doing my job correctly for most part of the coaching. I am not doing my job correctly? Well, you are going to see, I am going to find whatever job, quite that horrible job and leave you with your s*** lol. At the salary I am working, I am not going to support any bad treatment. And this was way too much, knowing how much effort I invest in it. I am going to find a job someplace else. I just hope it will be really soon.

At the end of the coaching session the poor guy ask me if I was going to see the fire work this Saturday. I told him maybe. I don’t give a damn about Montreal cultural life. The only things I care about are my investments and I want to be left alone.

And please, don’t talk to me lol.

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