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Monday, July 6, 2009

I am up to 46 206.25$ value and my life is wonderful

Another week passes by too quickly. This week, I was quite happy to clear out some of cedit card debts, cut off some necessaries fees related to my credit and finally, invest in 100 units of Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN).

Good news regarding my investments!

I am now at 46 206.25$! The best will be to reach the 50 000$ value in investment by August 27 (it’s my birthday and I will be turning 29!!!). I am having a lot of fun will this blog and all those little goals I am giving myself. Most of the time, I cannot reach them lol, but life is like that. At least, I will be reaching my first 50 000$ in investments very soon. Once the 50 000$ will be reach, it’s going to be just so special for me, especially in those recession times. It’s just something I will never forget. It will be even better if I could reach it just in time for my 29 birthday. I am getting soooo old.

Next step will be to reach my first 75 000$, and after that, my first 100 000$ and, of course, so on lol. At my first 100 000$, it’s going to be pretty great and my wish will be, of course, to be able to make a living out of that 100 000$ value in investment. After experiencing « in the deep » the violability of the market, I plan to continue working even after that. But I am such a dreamer. I didn’t even reach my first 50 000$ yet lol.

About my job situation

I received good news at my weekend job. I was told by a co-worker that there was work until October at least. I will probably be able to continue to work part-time at that job until that time. As for my evening job I have during weekdays, it’s going fine too. Everything is going so fine for me for at least one in my life lol. I would like things to remain the same, to have my mornings and me afternoons off during weekdays. My job situation is not one the best, but it’s not one of the worst either. I once wrote that about my portfolio…

I lost a great deal of money in my investment adventure, but I am looking forward to see the value of my portfolio increasing over time. I am just quite disappointed with Timminco and Sprott, but live goes on and I hope to reach my first 50 000$ very soon. Only problem is to figure out what will be my next investment. My next official purchase: 100, 200 or 300 units of BA.UN. I will have to be very focus for the next couple of months because I won’t be able to do anything on a monthly basis as investment if I want to be able to purchase some BA.UN units. Or I will have to get a third and fourth job lol.

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