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Monday, July 27, 2009

Nice weekend but too much rain

This weekend had been quite fun even if on Saturday, I present myself to work and I was not on the schedule, only for next Satuday. This Sunday was very long at work. I wonder if we will have wok for the whole month of August. Since I was not working on Saturday, I had been able to clean my missy one and half apartment. I also went shopping. I only have my laundry left.

Me writing stuff on HubPages

I start working on different articles on HubPages. I now have 16 articles on HubPages. My latest is about Lauren Luke, a YouTube icon that recently lauched her own makeup product line. With the help of HubPages, my online income slowly begins to increase. I will probbaly need to write hundred and hundred of articles before being able to make money fromHubPages. At this point, I am not really in for the money, for once in my life lol, but more for the fun of it. I really enjoy HubPages. I like to see the ranking and the amount of visitors I received for each of my articles. I begin by writing around 1000 words article. The latest are shorter. I might ad some content to them later on. For now, HubPages is just about fun.

I need to sign up for my health insurance

Today, after eating a Tim Horton donut, I discover I might have problem with my teeth. I didn’t visit a dentist for quite a time and now I am paying the price. I just hate going to dentist. I am afraid of their tools, but most of all, I am afraid of AIDS and other diseases. Very bizarre of me to think this way, but I cannot help it. My teeth are not hurting otherwise, only when I am eating something with a lot of sugar in it, which doesn’t arrive really often. But I need to take care of this little problem before my teeth really begin to hurt for real.

I didn’t sign up for the health insurance group we have available at my evening job and I had been working there for almost 2 years now. It had been recommended to me to sign up: it may help me to save on taxes. And it will also help me to save on my dentist visit. I really need to register as soon as possible.

Job searching for real

I am really packed for tomorrow with all the things I have to do. I plan to begin job searching after that. I have the chance to have a fix schedule at my evening job, so I told myself I should seek for a day-time job. I could make a lot of money just like before. This time, the job searching deal is for real.

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