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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

TSX at a fantastic 10 238.79 points!

The markets are so difficult to follow. When I saw the TSX falling under 10 000 points previously last week, I taught that, maybe, maybe Derek Foster was right after all! Should I sale everything all just like him?

I am not a specialist, but my answer to the question has always been the same: there will be no sale! And look now, the crazy TSX going up again! UP TO 10 238.79!!! But be ready to see the TSX down to under 10 000 points at any time as Obama announced he’s ready to have even more job losses in the US in the upcoming! Derek Foster might be right after all!

My HubPages adventure

Anyway, while TSX was acting foolishly, I worked on different articles for HubPages. HubPages is very fantastic! It’s allowing “writers” (like myself lol) to make money from their articles. I find it so difficult on Associated Content!

HubPages is a lot easier because as soon as your article is ready, you can publish it. I got 2 articles of mine flag because of too much of “self-promotion” lol. But I remove all appearances of My First 50 000$ and voilà, the 2 articles where back online the day after! Vey quick, easy and fun! So far, I wasn’t able to make any money from my articles. My Google AdSense income for now remains the same. Sniff sniff…

What to do with a 1 000$

This month, I will have 1 000$ available for investment. I taught about investing 1 000$ more in the Creststreet Alternative Energy Fund. But than, I remember my dividend goal, and I taught, why not try to invest 1 000$ in Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGF.UN)?

This month, I will receive 53$ in dividend income from Pengrowth Energy Trust. If I purchase 100 units extra, it’s 63$ I could received each month in dividend income. Almost enough to purchase a metro pass. But see, it’s begin with a “enough to purchase a metro pass”, an a “enough to pay my monthly Internet bill”, “enough to make the minimum payment on my student loan”, “enough to pay my rent”, “enough to pay my groceries” and…


See where I am going?

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