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Friday, July 10, 2009

I "just" received my Just Energy Income Fund (JE.UN) dividend

It was about time! I finally received my Just Energy Income Fund dividend just on today. I earn one brand new stock, for a total of 20.77$ in dividend. July is going to be a good month for my dividend earning. I am expecting around 140$ in dividend. Of course, it’s not that much, but it’s enough to make me happy.

What I wouldn’t like to happen is that the TSX continue loosing points and that he got even deeper in the recession. But didn’t we reach the bottom part yet? Are we on a road for recovery? I don’t have the answer to those questions. In my heart, I just truly hope the answer is yes. Things need to be done and I hope leaders worldwide will do what need to be done to create job, and give people a chance. We cannot just live in a recession forever.

Frugal living in recession time

So far, the week had passed very peacefully, even if the TSX is driving me completely nut lol. The TSX had lost points like crazy this week and I find it very frightening, like always. I felt completely lost and miserable when Yellow Pages Income Fund (YLO.UN) felt under 5$. Yellow Pages Income Fund close today at 4.99$. But no worries, I think the TSX will go up again – but I just don’t know when lol.

Watching my expenses

This week, I watch my expenses very closely. I went out for lunch time today, but it was all. I also purchase a coffee, and not to forget a chip for the distribution machine.. Usually, I purchase one or 2 coffees per day. One coffee for a whole week of work, trust me, it had been difficult! I really enjoy Second Cup coffees so much. This had been one of those frugal weeks for me so far, I am telling you.

After cutting unnecessary expenses related to my credit card, I am really looking closely to cut off other unnecessary expensive. I can easily save 20$ to 30$ - and maybe even more by taking my coffee at home and by always brining my lunch and no purchasing any sugar treat lol. It will be better for my money and I hope that, this way, I will lose some weight, it couldn’t hurt… I calculate and I believe I could save up to 1 000$ per year if I cut off all coffees, eating out expenses and other. I am not really looking into cutting off because I won’t be able to stay away too long from Second Cup coffees, pizza, McDonald and, what else? Oh yeah, chocolate lol.

I read Derek Foster books so many times (so nicely writing and easy to understand). I remember a part where Mr. Foster was saying that no one should deprived to invest and so on. He’s right, but gees, come a time where everything is needed. If I want things to work out, I have to work on it. I make this decision, but I am not suffering from it. I am still purchasing some coffees and other still, but I have to control myself! At a point, concession needs to be made. Sorry Mr. Foster.

Just for example, this last Saturday, I wanted to see the latest Transformers movie in the IMAX version… I was quitted chock with the price: 16$! I didn’t want see the movie as I find the price too expensive. Regular movies where at 10$. So I just turn around and continue my way to the Jazz Festival.

Looking forward to have no banking fees

I am still with Desjardins for my banking. Not that I like Desjardins, but it’s possible to have no banking fees with them if the minimum monthly balance is being reach. Examples: it’s possible to have 7 banking transactions for free – at the only condition that a minimum of 1 000$ remain in the account. I could easily reach the 1 000$, but 7 transactions per month won’t be enough for me. The second offer is 12 transactions. For 12 transactions, the minimum balance required is of 1 500$.

Right now, I am paying 6.50$ per month for 25 transactions. I can avoid paying the banking fee at the condition that 2 000$ remain in the account (for 25 transactions). It will be 78$ I could save per year… I think I can reduce the number of transactions to 12 per month if I start working at it.

Desjardins also have a credit card at low interest rate of around 9%.

There’s plenty of ways to save money.

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