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Friday, July 31, 2009

Working on HubPages like crazy

I surprise myself this morning: I wake up at 9 :30am… I have laundry to do and stuff I wanted to be done before I go to work. I am working this weekend on both days – Saturday and Sunday – which is great because I really need the money. Everything is going fine at my evening job. Cash come in pretty easily. My portfolio (stocks and unit funds alone) currently worth 22 926.13$. TSX is up to an awesome 10 693 points this morning as I wake up.

I wasn’t able to begin my job search for a day-time job as I always went to bed so late, the next morning; I usually wake up around 1:30pm. The problem is that I really had a great time on HubPages. I wrote several articles on different topic. My latest articles were not as long as I wanted, but I put it publish as soon as I reach what I consider my minimum amount of world: around 400 worlds. The best is always to have a long article of about 1 000 world pack with a bunch of key worlds. But one publish on HubPages, an article can be modify. I can add content to my articles at any time. I now had published 21 articles on HubPages.

Since I started on HubPages, I Google AdSense income had sensibly increased. Yesterday, it had increased of 10 cents. With Google AdSense, the payout is of 100$. I am only missing 71.31$ to reach it. I cannot wait to receive my first Google check! It’s going to be so great! I belive I can make money from AdSense with HubPages, I just need to continue to write articles on a regular basis. It’s not as easy as it’s sound. I spend around 4 to 5 hours on each articles…

The difficulties come from the part that I am writing in English. It’s really a challenge. But it’s also difficult to make money from HubPages for English speaker too. It takes hundred of articles before an individual like myself can make good profit of HubPages. I had been active on HubPages for 3 weeks now and what I notice: the traffic. I have more traffic on my HubPages articles than on this blog alone!

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