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Friday, July 17, 2009

A day full of surprises!

I was extremely tired today when I wake up and I only bring Noodles for my lunch lol. I went to bed at 5AM! I am very passionate about my new HubPages and my latest article talk about my best saving tips, some information you won’t get here! So if you want to know how I can make it happen and save myself hundreds of dollars each month, you have to read it: My best saving tips that can help you save money.

What to do with a 1 000$ in my banking account?

This “afternoon” lol when I wake up, I went online on my banking account and… oh surprise I had 1 060$ available! I was very excited because this meant that I could to my next investment as soon as this very upcoming Friday! I visit a TD Trust branch before going to work to make a deposit of 200$ on my credit card and 800$ on my credit line. I only have left 2 916.42$ to pay on my credit card (which is at a special interest rate) which is not that bad. I should probably pay off this debt but guess what; I have a transfer offer coming from RBC at 2.99%... Just so hilarious. I am not even done with a special interest rate from TD Visa that I am going to get another on, even at a cheaper interest rate, with RBC Visa!

My very next investment

Today, Pengrowth Energy Trust Income Fund (PGF.UN) close at 8.62$. I plan to purchase 100 exra units of Pengrowth Energy. After what, it’s 630 units of PGF.UN that I will own. My dividend income with Pengrowth Energy Trust Income Fund (PGF.UN) will increase from 53$ to 63$.

Thinking about it, it’s easier to make money from dividend than to make money online from advertisements, articles and other lol. I am very happy with this upcoming investment. After this, I am going to be done with Pengrowth Energy Trust Income Fund (PGF.UN) investment (remember the diversification rule!!).

After what, I will be at 1 791.32$ in yearly dividend income for 2009! I will than be very close to my goal which is to reach 2 000$ in dividend income by the end of the summer.

My weekend job is back!

I listen to my voicemail late in the evening. I had one message saying that work is back available at my weekend job! The break didn’t last for long. Now that I have 60$ left in my banking account, I really need my weekend job back. And it’s now back!

I received 13.13$ in dividend from Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN)

I think I might have done some mistakes with my Dividend Calendar Earnings because I had received Pembina Pipeline Income Fund dividend on today. I received 13.13$ in dividend from PIF.UN. It was a huge surprise to see I had 13.13$ in cash in my broker TD Waterhouse account when I open it up this evening.

As you can see, my day had been very exhausting and fantastic.

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