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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beautiful and Magic Montreal

Because life is not all about work...

I went for a short walk just after work to the Mont-Royal. Today was my last day at my weekend job for a little while, until work become available again. The walk was very nice as you can see, even if it had rain during the afternoon.

I am off all day long tomorrow and I plan to take a long and beautiful walk on the Mont-Royal again.

I got a lot of frustration yesterday from the guy who coaches me. It’s a young, very fresh and stupid guy who wants everything to be performing his way. And sometimes, his way is very arrogant. I just wonder how he got promote to do some coaching to other like that. For sure I am going to complain about it on Monday. Just to piss him off and let him no he has no right to say what he said. And a 3 and a half hours coaching is just too long. And I am going to complaint about it. I just hate the guy that much. And when I hate, I am willing to do everything I can just to harass in some way the other person. I am that bad lol.

In some ways, it’s hilarious because he’s working for the department the company had lost their customer service prize. Being too arrogant and self-confident won’t help to bring their prize back. Like gees, you lost your prize, but it’s not my fault. That’s for sure. As I customer, I want to speak to someone humane and if I feel some arrogance, I might just hang up or just say everything is fine now, just hang up, and call again to speak to someone more comprehensible. In many occasion, I spoke to customer service representatives at TD Waterhouse and Rogers who had been arrogant with me. I won’t treat people calls I am receiving the same way that’s for sure. You can learn a lot by calling those arrogant people of TD Waterhouse and Rogers.

Anyway, if it happen I lost that job too, I have money like crazy; I can handle pretty much everything.

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