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Friday, July 3, 2009

No more extra fees for my TD Visa

I was able to fix my problem regarding the insurance fee for my TD Visa. Of course, the guy tries to sale me a cheaper insurance. The cheapest one was at 17$. I am not doing to pay 17$ for anything each month. Not for anything of course, but for me, it won’t worth it. I was pretty happy to have this clear off. Yesterday I pay all of my bills. I don’t have anything left to pay on my CIBC Visa, American Express or RBC Visa.

Instead of paying 800$ on my TD Visa, I pay 800$ on my credit line and 150$ on my TD Visa, since I interest remain low until September. This actually mean that I have a brand new 800$ that I can invest it.. I was thinking a way to make money from penny stocks again but it’s just exhausted me.

And yesterday, I confirm the crazy news with TD. I had been offered a raise of 9 000$ for my TD Visa. I could have get a 14 000$ worth credit card lol. But gees, I was not even aware about it. I couldn’t see the offer online in my account, either on by latest statement. I was told it was an offer that we new only about when we were calling TD. I refused the offer for now but the end date to accept was yesterday. This is how TD is bad : not even letting me know about this promotion.

I am very angry at TD right now. I didn’t accept the offer because what I want to see increase is my credit line. But the guy didn’t want to increase it, I have to complete a form online and visit a TD bank. Just disorganize. I have more than 25 000$ in real value with them and those poor people are not even able to raise my credit line. I find it so bad. And not being told about the offer for my credit card until I call them, I fins it disgusting. Those banks like TD think they have it all, but their customer services are so bad and soo disorganize.

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