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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Because I am hot like that

Check it out: the TSX is very close to 11 000 points right now! This is good news for investors! My portfolio is up of 432.06$! I cannot wait to see the result for my mutual funds. We are close to August 27 (which is my birthday). And I just hope I will be able to hit the 50 000$ at that time! It’s going to be awesome!

As you know, I love to calculate… So let’s calculate: 432.06$ + the current 48 647.28$ =
49 079.34$!

And even more exciting, I didn’t receive the dividend from Bank of Nova Scotia of 49.98$ and Just Energy Income Fund dividend of 20.87$....

49 079.34 + 49.98$ + 20.87$ + 1.78$ extra I made lately with my online revenue…..
= 49 151.97$

I am now only missing 848.03$ to reach my first 50 000$. I might be able to make it just in time for my birthday.

I would very much like to sell Dumont Nickel (DNI) at 4 cents, but nothing happen yet. My order still in and is going to valid until August 28.

As for my online income, I am having the time of my live on HubPages. I saw my Google AdSense income up to 1 cent this morning. I prefer a 1 cent income than nothing at all. When I come from my evening job at midnight, first thing I do, I connect to HubPages and to my online money maker accounts to see if any money had been made. It’s truly possible to make money online. It’s take enormous amount of my time as I am spending all of my free-time writing articles. But we will see the results at the end and we’ll see if the time spends writing articles on HubPages worth it or not in a couple of months.

I have to think of my RRSP. I was thinking about opening another broker account because TD Waterhouse ask investor 20$ or so per year to open an RRSP acount, even if I register with eService. This is soooo ugly, asking fees for a RRSP account, really TD Waterhouse has no class.

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