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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Living for working or working for living

This is actually soo bad, there’s no overtime available this weekend for people of, lets say, of my department. I am really having enough of my job and I cannot take it anymore. You do your best everyday and in return, what you got?

Hours cut, no overtime, bad pay, bad treatment and sh*t lol. I once haven’t been paid for an hour on my paycheck. I requested the hour to be pay, but it never did, because of my supervisor. My supervisor is a cool guy, but whenever it come to hours missing on my paycheck well, forget about it. I don’t know if its his fault or who’s fault it is, but one day, I am going to leave all that sh*t behind lol.

For now, I am going to be able to pay my bills for the month of September, but it’s going to be rough and tough. My next paycheck should be of around 800$. First I have to pay my rent for sure, 535$. No problem for my metro pass as I can pay it using another credit card of mine. I also have a student loan to pay. The minimum payment is around 165$ if I remember. If I calculate my rent and my student loan debt payment together, right there, it’s making 700$... I hope I will be receiving a 800$ paycheck! Plus I have left 50$ in my bank account…

I always some money left at ING Direct in case of emergency. Not to talk about all the money I have invested. But my investments are my investments and I prefer stop eating before taking any money from those precious $$$. And it’s a perfect time to stop eating because I am fat.

Anyway, I can always use 190$ I have left on my credit line… And oh, on August 28, I should received around 12.50$. I have 2$ and something left in my broker account. Those will help me to pay the minimum require on my credit line.

It’s going to be ok, but I dislike this kind of situation. Too tight budget.

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