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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Problem with my Pembina Pipeline Income Fund dividend

Today was quite a busy day. I pay 1 100$ on my TD credit line and 100$ on my TD Visa. I now have left 3 706.55$ on my credit line and 2 675.53$ on my TD Visa. I am very please on the way things are going on right for me. And I am very tempted by purchasing something for my portfolio. But I am going to wait next month. Overtime is available right now, and I just hope to get another 1 000$ in pay for next paycheck. Things are just going super great even if I got snob by my weekend job.

We are already Tuesday; time is passing way too fast. I got my Pembina Pipeline Income Fund (PIF.UN) dividend payment of 13.13$ yesterday. Actually, I can see the transaction in my “Activity”. No problem. But the problem is that I only have 8.50$ right now in cash in my TD Waterhouse account. Something is going on. So I am going to call TD Waterhouse and yell at them and scream: where’s my money? LOL

Anyway, I cannot wait to open an account to Scotia i-trade. Each trade is 19.99$. Once I reach a stable value of 50 000$ in assets, the cost of each trade is going to be 9.99$. So why should I stick with TD Waterhouse?

Only extra fee with Scotia Broker Account is with mutual funds. And with TD Waterhouse, there’s no fee for mutual funds, non-RRSP investment.

It’s been really hot these days in Montreal. The only things I had been doing is working, blogging and writing articles on HubPages.

I also received my brand new CIBC dividend credit card. I activated it just yesterday. And now, I want to see if I can get refund the annual fee for the credit card I close with them to get the CIBC dividend. And they better give me my money back. Or I am going to scream at them too. lol

I am really enjoying my time on HubPages, but regarding the money made on HubPages, nothing came out since last week. The only way I am going to make money on HubPages is that is I keep going and keep writing. It’s just a matter of luck and to write on topics that will class itself well on Google search. I now have 40 articles on HubPages. I made 6$ with Google AdSense since I started. We can see things this way: 40 articles for 6$, 200$ = 1 333 articles… I just need to keep going and writing and writing… And I am really into it. I just cannot wait to reach my first Google AdSense payment of 100$. The only problem is that this whole making money online thing is basically taking all of my free time. This is it, I am a talented, and I am going to make money from my writing. :)

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